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    Holovis is the world leader in creating the next-generation of fully immersive and interactive ride attractions and virtual reality solutions for Theme Parks, Entertainment centres, FEC’s, Museums and Science Centres.

    Holovis creates solutions that transform the sensory experience by immersing audiences and riders in 360° visuals with specialist audio, SFX and lighting; all seamlessly integrated with our propitiatory motion platform and ride systems. This turnkey capability includes creative and engineering design, plus manufacturing, installation and commissioning. The unique virtual reality simulation systems at Holovis are used throughout the project for testing, design reviews and joint product development. This gives all Holovis clients unique access to a fully inclusive turnkey service that de-risks the procurement process, saves costs and reduces time-to-market project cycles.

    This vertically integrated capability combined with a continuously evolving innovation pipeline supporting by rigorous quality control and testing allows Holovis to take story-telling and attraction design to the next level, putting your visitors at the heart of the action. From full scale volumetric projection Domes to our unique Immersive Tunnels and next-gen Interactive Dark Rides, the Holovis team of world class Engineers, Software & Game developers create bespoke solutions that will make real your creative vision in the best possible attraction environment.

    The Holovis In-House team

    Holovis also add-value to our client’s requirements with our unique skills in assisting with the developing of major  attractions, facilitating the design of rides, whole theme park master-plans and site layouts using our fully immersive 3D CAVE systems and our bespoke RideView™ design and visualisation software. This technology transports designers and procurement teams into any dataset, content or environment with true 1:1 scale, in real-time interactively and in volumetric 3D. Using head tracking technology the motion synchs in real time to explore your site plans or ride systems,  so improving the communication process from designers through to project stakeholders, reducing time, the number of physical prototypes and cost,   whilst at the same time speeding up the quality of the decision making process.

    Holovis has an in-house team of programmers and game developers who specialise in creating your 2D and 3D real-time interactive gaming content and interactive hardware systems, as well as proprietary software technologies that facilitate real time data manipulation, design and simulation.

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