Ocean Park launches edutainment Adventure Camp

Ocean Park has launched Adventure Camp 2018-19 in partnership with Baker & Bloom. The programme will target STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) elements.

Ocean Park’s Adventure Camp will guide children between the ages of four and eight through an all-rounded STEAM learning experience.

The Ocean Park Adventure Camp 2018-19 references the core ideas of the the United States’ Next Generation Science Standards. These include Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Engineering to create a series of unique learning experience for children. The Adventure Camp will encourage participants to connect with nature through observations of animals and their habitats.


The camp will provide fun environment with educational elements. Edutainment is a growing trend pioneered by KidZania and Two Bit Circus.

Activities include designing a water boat, utilising digital applications to design an animal conservation themed animation, and an interactive examination of the digestive systems of different animals.

Isabel Li, Ocean Park Discovery & Education Director, said: “Ocean Park’s Adventure Camp is committed to offering unique edutainment experiences to children. We are excited to partner with Baker & Bloom to design the new programmes. Baker & Bloom is known for cultivating children’s creative thinking and intellectual curiosity with their research-based approach, and for inspiring children in their growth and character development by encouraging them to learn and apply science in their daily lives. Their vision perfectly aligns with our own education philosophy, contributing to our partnership for the new programmes. With enhanced STEAM elements, we hope to facilitate the comprehensive development of children’s minds and bodies through interactions with nature and the Park’s unique facilities.”

The “Little Explorers” programme will be for children aged between 4 and 5. The “Junior Explorers” is for children aged 6-8.