Scruffy Dog Creative appoints new Global Business Development Director

Scruffy Dog Group, a leading creative design company, has appointed Christian Angenvoort as Global Business Development Director for Themed Production.

Scruffy Dog Group is pleased to welcome Christian Angenvoort to the team, who will be taking on the role of Global Business Development Director for Themed Production. He joins Scruffy Dog from Themebuilders Philippines Inc. where he worked on Business Development – International Projects.

Angenvoort brings with him a great deal of experience in the industry. He also previously served as VP of Marketing and Business Development for the TAA Group. He began his career at Warner Bros. Movie World in Germany and has worked on a wide range of key projects over the years, including the Themed Restaurant – Bistro Chez Remy at Disneyland Paris which was given TEA Award for Best themed Restaurant.

An asset to the team

Scruffy Dog’s CEO Joe Bright says, “We have a number of high-profile production projects lined up for 2020 and with numerous enquiries to deal with, it was vital to create a new position in order to fulfil these and deliver the service we expect to our clients. We are thrilled to have Christian join us— he is a great asset to the production team and his professionalism and approach is exactly what we want here.”

“I saw this as a great opportunity,” says Angenvoort. “Scruffy Dog are European-based specialists for creative design with a modern themed production facility. They have an ISO Certification workshop and their work complies with British/European Health and Safety standards. With this, we can deliver a very high standard of work and I’m looking forward to contributing to their ongoing success.”

The two met last year at IAAPA Expo Asia in Shanghai. “We shared the same thoughts on great quality, teamwork and ensuring you value the team from the most junior member to the board, which is something I pride my company on,” Bright says. “I’m already loving working with him.”

Scruffy Dog also recently appointed Ana Grijalva to the role of Art Director, based in the company’s London office.