World of Disney reopens at Disney Springs

The World of Disney store at Disney Springs, Florida, has unveiled a transformation to improve the shopping experience.

The new look for World of Disney has been more than a year in design and development. Changes have been made to the displays, signage, lighting and more, to create an exciting and dynamic shopping experience.

Alysia Kelley, vice president of visual merchandising and location strategy for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, said: “We saw World of Disney as an opportunity to reimagine what Disney retail is today. The new store design highlights the best of what is current and new, while also celebrating classic Disney heritage based in storytelling.”

The store’s exterior features new marquees and window displays. Inside, the shop has been given an open, loft-style atmosphere with such improved visibility.

world of disney

Merchandise has become decor. For example, Disney Princess tiaras have been used to create a chandelier. Features will change regularly to showcase the store’s new offerings.

The store is complemented by features offering a tribute to the “Nine Old Men,” the animators behind Disney classics including “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” and “Fantasia.” Ink jars swirl with color and animate artwork on the walls, blank pages fill with pencil sketches and movie posters twinkle with pixie dust and come to life. The store’s sales counters are inspired by the desks and furniture used by animators of generations past.

World of Disney is an anchor location at Disney Springs and offers the largest collection of Disney-themed merchandise in the world. The developments move the offering into a retail-based experience, a move taken by many malls and retail centres as shopping moves online.

Earlier this month, Shanghai Disney Resort opened its first retail store outside of Shanghai, in neighbouring Suzhou. The new Suzhou Village Shanghai Disney Resort Store offers Disney merchandise with an immersive ambience and entertainment.