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Clip ‘n Climb announces new look for two Classic Challenges

Clip n Climb refreshed challenges

Clip ‘n Climb, an international leader in the fun climbing market, presents a fresh new look for its Jungle Vines and Morse Code Challenges.

Clip ‘n Climb is pleased to announce that it has released a refreshed look for two of its products, the Jungle Vines and Morse Code Challenges. Updates for more products will follow. After the launch of the new Prima range earlier this year, the team has been working hard to develop new ways to provide the wow factor that its customers have come to expect from Clip ‘n Climb products.

A refresh for popular classics

Jungle Vines Clip n ClimbClip ‘n Climb prides itself on innovation and quality and is proud to present an update to its successful Classics range. To begin with, the company has refreshed the popular Jungle Vines and Morse Code challenges, adding new panels and printed graphics in new vibrant colours.

Chaz McManus is the Design Technician at Clip ‘n Climb International’s New Zealand factory. He says: “The project’s title is “Refresh” which I think sums up our objective in a single word perfectly. Our aim is to take existing Clip ‘n Climb designs and modify them using the simplest means possible with the goal of creating a better product for our customers and the brand they become a part of.”

“We aren’t necessarily aiming to change how specific Challenges work, mainly modifying what exists in such a way that it presents itself as something new and exciting, so they align with our ranges’ more modern looking Challenges.”

Morse Code and Jungle Vines

Morse Code sees climbers spelling out a message while they climb, which reads “Clip ‘n Climb is fantastic fun”. It now boasts a new colour scheme which fits with the company’s brand and appeals to guests of all ages.

Meanwhile, the Jungle Vines Challenge calls for good balance, strength and steadiness, as well as the ability to ‘hang out’ from the wall as climbers follow routes shown by the ball colours. It too has new panels following the refresh, giving guests the impression that they are climbing in a jungle.

Morse Code Clip n Climb“We chose these specific challenges because they were two of the older designs – refresh for both meant modernizing, and so changes to their materiality made the most sense here”, says McManus.

The technical specifications for both challenges remain the same after the refresh.

Clip ‘n Climb testers

In keeping with the Clip ‘n Climb motto that ‘Everyone Can’, the company has been working with Clip ‘n Climb tested across the globe. These testers are Clip ‘n Climb facility visitors who volunteered during the company’s COVID-19 study. They were able to give their feedback while the new design was in progress.

“Working with testers, customer feedback and sales teams is always an interesting process”, says McManus. “Sometimes it can be challenging, but it always aids the design in some way, helping us create the best outcome possible.”

McManus says that Clip ‘n Climb’s Product Development team plans on renewing 2-3 Challenges every year.

Earlier this year, Clip ‘n Climb published the results of its global customer survey on attitudes to COVID-19, with the aim of helping operators plan for a safe reopening that takes into account their visitors’ needs.

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