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BrushBoarding installation now easier than ever thanks to Extreme Sports Zone Ltd

BrushBoarding Extreme Sports Zone

Extreme Sports Zone Ltd., the creator of the interactive board sports attraction BrushBoarding, has been working on a way to simplify the installation of its unique attraction.

Extreme Sports Zone Ltd. is pleased to announce that it installing its interactive sports attraction is now easier than ever. The company’s engineering and design experts have developed a BrushBoarding Ramp that can be carried through standard double doors and assembled in situ.

BrushBoarding is a flexible turnkey fitness attraction which allows trampoline parks, FECs, activity centres and more offer a fun wave/surfing-like attraction. It can be installed in a variety of different locations. This new design is an ideal choice for smaller venues where access may be restricted.

BrushBoarding Ramp

The new compact design means that operators with smaller venues or access issues still have the option to offer an innovative interactive experience which draws a crowd.

BrushBoarding can be manufactured for almost any location and space and is simple to install and run. It is also cost-effective, with low electricity consumption of around 12Kw of power. The attraction runs off a regular 415v power supply and provides an excellent return on investment. It is fun for the whole family and is available as a turnkey package for operators.

The interactive attraction is also on-trend, fitting in with the current focus on active experience and fun fitness, as well as promoting good mental health.

Kyle Dent is the director of Extreme Sports Zone Ltd. and the inventor of BrushBoarding. He says: “Our goal is to have people of all ages enjoy BrushBoarding.  We know that getting people active through fun exercise has a positive effect not only on mental health but personal well-being”

Extreme Sports Zone Ltd. gave BrushBoarding its Australian debut at the Melbourne Fitness Show last year at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The interactive fitness attraction made waves at the trade show, as the first Brush Ramp to be installed in the country.

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