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Josef Wiegand slide used to set new Guinness World Record

Twins set new record for continuous sliding at Germany’s Lake Steinberg

Julia and Stephanie record breaking slide

Josef Wiegand, a family-owned manufacturer of toboggan runs, rail-mounted toboggans and stainless steel dry slides, is celebrating the recent success of twins Julia and Stephanie in their attempt to set a new Guinness World Record in Continous Sliding.

The action took place at Lake Steinberg in the South of Germany, which has been home to the largest walk-in wooden adventure ball in the world since 2019, measuring 40 metres high. From the top, visitors can enjoy stunning views over the Lake District to the Upper Palatinate Forest.

Lake Steinberg wooden adventure ball

Most continous slides completed

Lake Steinberg slide wiegand

The Guinness World Record in Continuous Sliding was broken using the attraction’s 250m long stainless-steel tunnel slide, installed by Josef Wiegand in the centre of the wooden ball. Here, riders can whizz down on specially-designed slide mats, before climbing back up the spiral path to slide again and again.

To beat the record, Julia and Stephanie needed to complete many slide sequences. The day began at 5 am, with the twins eventually smashing the existing record at 10 pm. Between then, they clocked up 43 kilometres of sliding, in 172 goes, with each of them heading down the slide 86 times.

Josef Wiegand says it is thrilled by the record-breaking endeavour using one of its slides and would like to congratulate Julia and Stephanie on their achievement.

The company is no stranger to record-breaking attractions. Earlier this year, it worked to build a slide for the world’s longest treetop walk, which is located in Switzerland and connects the two villages of Laax Murschetg and Laaz Dorf. Josef Wiegand created a bespoke 73-metre long stainless steel tube spiral slide for the attraction.

In addition, Josef Wiegand has also recently installed two stainless steel slides for the Arts Resource Center, within the LUMA cultural complex in Arles, France.

All images © Harald Huenn

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