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Technically Creative launches new range of magical products

step and play technically creative

Technically Creative, the immersive experience expert, has launched an innovative range of magical products.

Technically Creative is proud to reveal three new off the shelf products, allowing operators to add a little magic to their attractions. This includes Step and Play, a giant interactive keyboard; the Town Planner, an interactive VR landscape creator and the Magic Sand Pit which brings imaginative landscapes to life.

Interactive fun

Step and Play will entertain guests as they create music by stepping across the giant keyboard, seeing the keys light up as they go. Music can be played from memory or by following note guides. The standalone, plug and play attraction has built-in speakers and simply requires a flat surface and a power source.

The second product, the Town Planner, uses cutting-edge sensory technology and creative programming to bring visitors a fun and interactive virtual reality landscape creator. Guests can place blocks that represent different vehicles onto the interactive tabletop. Here, they trigger the creation of roads, paths, rivers and more, as visitors watch vehicles begin to make their way around the virtual town.

There is also a feature landscape screen above the table, so people can watch their creation as it develops. The Town Planner leads to a truly unique experience, as each user will create something different each time.

Finally, the Magic Sand Pit brings creations to life. Guests can dig and sculpt the sand and then watch as the projector above turns their work into reality. Trenches will fill with clear water and mountains will erupt with lava, while dinosaurs explore the land, transporting visitors back in time. Again, no two users will create the same land, as the possibilities are endless.

Founder and Managing Director Marc Broadbent says, “Our aim is to pioneer magical interactive and immersive experiences which are inspired by what we can make possible, against what is not currently out there. Through our expertise and creative flair, we make fun features come to life!”

Last month, Technically Creative announced the appointment of Clive Powell to the role of Creative Sales Manager.

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