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Celebrating Life launches new incubator for meaningful leisure experiences


Celebrating Life, a total destination building company, has announced the launch of a new incubator for meaningful leisure concepts, as leading brands such as Puy du Fou and Culturespaces expand to international markets and audience expectations continue to grow.

This new venture was created to bring together a collective of France’s leading talents and experts from across the leisure industry, who will work on new and innovative concepts for the audience of tomorrow.

A new go-to platform

Celebrating Life is on a mission to become a go-to platform for those in the business of building and operating venues for the modern visitor, from real estate developers and mall/stadium operators to town planners, resort owners and more.

“When I came back to France after almost 20 years in Asia, I realized there was so much talent here but little coordination and, above all, the lack of a bigger dream,” says Thibault Paquin, founder and coordinator.

“My goal is to nurture the next generation of unique entertainment exports from my country, following the path of Culturespaces (opening in Dubai, New York, Amsterdam) and Puy Du Fou (opening in Toledo, Shanghai).”

New ideas for urban and commercial spaces

Celebrating Life will look at new formats and content for leisure opportunities, from attractions and indoor parks to exhibitions and installations.

“We believe there are still many possibilities to apply our French touch in the areas of active entertainment, micro-adventures, culturetainment, digital arts, immersive adventures and edutainment, to name a few,” says Maël Magat, a member of the collective and the CEO of Sculpteurs de Rêves.

Impactful entertainment concepts have the power to transform urban and commercial spaces, as shown by Puy du Fou‘s Saga Shanghai in the Shanghai Xuhui Urban Renewal Area and Infinity des Lumières by Culturespaces at Dubai Mall. Now, this new incubator will work to foster more concepts, in a variety of sizes and formats, as a way of engaging visitors in this type of space.

Celebrating Life currently has eight members with several concepts already under development. It has begun conversations with real estate developers, city planners and more, offering unique solutions.

The full list of Celebrating Life incubator members is as follows:

  • Manuel Fernandez – KIMEO
  • Fabrice Guichard – Polymorph
  • Delphine Khairallah – Bleu et Associés
  • Maël Magat – Sculpteurs de Rêves
  • Thibault Paquin – Celebrating Life
  • Gabriel Shua Bancaud – Mirage Makers
  • Charlotte-Amélie Veaux – Onyo
  • Serge Victoria – Cultural Event

Last year, Celebrating Life marked its 10th anniversary.

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