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Esqapes offers ‘Immersive Relaxation’ and virtual reality massages in LA

esqapes immersive massage vr

Esqapes Immersive Relaxation is a virtual reality massage experience that recently opened in LA, offering visitors a new way to chill out in a luxe chair and surroundings.

Esqapes combines “beautifully crafted” virtual environments with massage, with each environment designed as a ‘living, breathing world’.

The experience uses proprietary software, virtual reality hardware, automated massage programmes, as well as traditional wellness practices.

Esqapes uses VR to help people de-stress and relax

“Each Esqapes environment is designed to tantalise the senses and help guests shed the stresses of daily life,” Esqapes said in a press release. “They are living, breathing worlds that users will have completely to themselves.”

Created by virtual reality (VR) and gaming developer Micah Jackson, Esqapes offers 30 minute treatments for $45 at the company’s HQ in LA. There’s also an option to add a full-body heat treatment.

The massage itself is not virtual, with guests seated in luxe chairs that massage their back, legs, calves, feet, arms, neck and hands.

VR heavenly garden, snowbank cabin, or tropical retreat

“The goal of Esqapes is to provide guests with a unique way to relax and take a break from the routines, responsibilities and daily issues that can cause anxiety and stress,” said Jackson.

“Esqapes is using VR in ways unlike any other company, which is to de-stress and help people relax. With a combination of proprietary software, hardware and traditional wellness practices, Esqapes is offering the spa of the future, today!”

The experience can be enjoyed in a range of virtual locations, including ‘Tropical Retreat’, an island paradise where macaws play in the palm trees above, and ‘Alani Garden’, a garden paradise surrounded by butterflies and blossoming cherry trees.

Software, hardware and traditional wellness practices

‘The Pagoda’ is an ancient Asian palace garden, ‘Sunset Beach’ features a floating cabana on the beach, and ‘Moroccan Twilight’ is a Moroccan resort with scents of Jasmine.

More virtual holidays on offer include ‘Snowbank Cabin’, which features a crackling fireplace, ‘Desert Spa’, a spa oasis in the middle of the desert, ‘Heavenly Garden’, ‘The Sauna’, and ‘Standing Rock’, a private suite in the middle of a canyon.

Images: Esqapes

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