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Expo 2020 Dubai Pavilion guide

Expo2020 Dubai Mobility Pavilion

Organised around ideas of Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity, the Dubai 2020 Expo is themed ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. Here’s a round-up of the pavilions.

Hundreds of pavilions at the 1083-acre site will feature interactive, themed exhibits, immersive cultural experiences, live entertainment, quirky hangouts and more.

Dubai Expo 2020, located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is the first to be held in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia region.

Scroll down to find out more about the Dubai Expo 2020 pavilions, showcasing a wealth of innovation and ideas:

Opportunity Pavilion

Made from organic materials, the Opportunity Pavilion depicts the future of humanity, and the real impact of individual actions on global causes. Visitors can embark on game-based journeys illustrating the Sustainable Development Goals, a globally-sourced blueprint of 17 aims for a better world, such as eradicating poverty and ensuring clean, accessible water for all.

Mobility Pavilion

From ancient exploration to artificial intelligence, the Mobility Pavilion journey begins aboard the world’s largest elevating platform, taking guests to the House of Wisdom in 9th century Baghdad. Visitors will then travel forward in time to enter a virtual world brimming with data, before stepping into the city of tomorrow – where they may be served by a robot or drone waiter.

Sustainability Pavilion

Expo2020 Dubai sustainability Pavilion

Discover innovative global projects in sustainability at the Sustainability Pavilion, where visitors can risk the planet’s future in a game of pinball and meet a giant fish who’s furious about the plastic waste in his ocean home.

Austria Pavilion

Exhibitions, workshops, installations and more will be on offer at the Austrian Pavilion, where guests can visit a Viennese coffeehouse.

Brazil Pavilion

The Brazilian Pavilion recreates the Amazon basin with a water feature that visitors can walk through, taking in the sights, sounds and scents of Brazil’s riverside areas.

Czech Republic Pavilion

Expo2020 Dubai Czech Republic Pavilion

Featuring state-of-the-art sustainability initiatives, the Czech Republic Pavilion also boasts a large-scale installation depicting the nation’s long history of glassmaking.

Finland Pavilion

Expo2020 Dubai Finland Pavilion

Resembling an Arabic tent made of snow, the Finland Pavilion combines the country’s icy landscapes with Dubai culture. Inside the ‘Snow Cape’, visitors will discover a peaceful retreat full of surprises.

Germany Pavilion

Guests at the Germany Pavilion can wear cutting-edge connected devices as they travel through campus-themed areas, including The Energy Lab, The Future City Lab and The Biodiversity Lab.

Japan Pavilion

Expo2020 Dubai Japan Pavilion

An homage to the ancient Silk Road trade route that connected the Middle East to Japan, this pavilion features the vibrant art, culture and technology of Japan, which will host Expo 2025 in Osaka.

Luxembourg Pavilion

Expo2020 Dubai Luxemborg Pavilion

The Luxembourg Pavilion will take a look at the human, natural, technical, industrial and financial resources that have contributed to the country’s success.

Monaco Pavilion

Monaco’s pavilion will take visitors on a multi-sensory journey through mirrored exhibition spaces, replicating the sights and smells of the French Riviera. The ‘Garden of Opportunities’ includes a variety of interactive experiences, while the ‘Kaleidoscope’, will showcase the country’s art, culture, innovation, history, gastronomy and more.

Netherlands Pavilion

A miniature world with its own climate system, the Netherlands Pavilion will harvest water, energy and food through innovations including a cone-shaped vertical farm.

New Zealand Pavilion

The New Zealand Pavilion’s theme reflects the Maori value of ‘kaitiakitanga’, which emphasizes the kinship between people and the environment. Learn about kaitiakitanga and experience NZ’s culture, values, cuisine and design throughout the pavilion, restaurant and shop.

Norway Pavilion

The Norway Pavilion will allow guests to explore the deep blue sea and learn about the importance of ocean conservation, via an interactive journey from beneath the seabed to the water’s surface. The pavilion will also showcase cutting-edge innovations that could help overcome the environmental issues facing the oceans.

Oman Pavilion

Expo2020 Dubai Oman Pavilion

Inspired by frankincense, Oman Pavilion’s enchanting experience is made up of five zones detailing the diverse ways in which frankincense has benefited Oman – from medicine and cosmetics to food.

Poland Pavilion

The tree-like structure, which references the large-scale migration of birds from Poland to the Arab world, explores the nation’s diverse global connections, as well as its role as a leading producer of goods.

Sweden Pavilion

Guests can walk through Scandinavian woodlands and learn how Sweden is building smart cities, developing the next generation of travel, innovating life sciences and developing a bio-circular economy.

Switzerland Pavilion

Take a hike through Switzerland’s foggy mountains at this pavilion, inspired by Bedouin tents.

Thailand Pavilion

Cutting-edge tech meets traditional charm at the Thailand Pavilion, covered on the outside by a curtain of more than 500 woven artificial flowers. Visitors can share their own flower engravings in the structure’s garden.

UAE Pavilion

Expo2020 Dubai UAE Pavilion

Designed in the shape of a falcon in flight, the UAE Pavilion will look at the history of the nation as a connected global hub.

UK Pavilion

The UK Pavilion is inspired by a project from the late Stephen Hawking, and will offer a glimpse into the future. It will also use artificial intelligence to write poems in a giant illuminated “message to space”, and will feature the Maze of Aspiration, which will transform the queue into an augmented reality-enhanced exhibition exploring Britain’s advances in artificial intelligence and space technology.

USA Pavilion

The USA Pavilion will premiere a Hyperloop ride experience, giving visitors the experience of travelling in a futuristic mode of transport. Even the design of this pavilion gives the sensation of movement.

Images and video: Expo 2020

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