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How far-UVC could help visitor attractions reopen and stay open

Our first Blooloop Innovation Session, presented in partnership with Christie, looked at how new far-UVC light disinfection technology could help visitor attractions battle COVID-19.

far-uvc christie blooloop innovation session

The live discussion, hosted by Blooloop, featured Brent Peckover, Director of Industrial Applications at Christie, and Martin Howe, founder of TEQ4 and Human2.0.

Far-UVC light properties

Far-UVC is UVC light that has been filtered into a narrow range of frequencies around 222 nanometres. These do not have the energy to penetrate the surface of human skin or the outermost layer of our eyes, but they can effectively neutralise pathogens including SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes COVID-19, influenza, bacteria, and antibiotic-resistant superbugs, in the air and on surfaces.

This ground breaking technology is new and offers the potential to disinfect the air and surfaces in indoor spaces when people are present. Clearly this has huge implications for visitor attractions which have been hard hit by the pandemic.

far-uvc filtered light graphic

Helping attractions reopen and stay open

Howe set out how filtered far-UVC could be part of a solution to enable attractions to reopen:

“We believe that this properly filtered far-UVC, and by that I mean this very narrow wavelength of around 220nm and not much more, will be a critical tool in combating this coronavirus and the others that will probably come in the future, and it’s the only method available today to continually combat coronaviruses on surfaces and the air directly around us.

So for example now we are learning that aerosolized particles could linger around for hours that’s why recent recommendations around the world include significantly increasing the airflow of indoor spaces. However, that just isn’t possible with many locations. So an integrated property these far-UVC fittings can be used to target those areas most at risk. For example, spaces where groups of people need to come together and more likely linger there for longer periods of time, not just passing through or waiting to pick up a coffee for instance.”

Brent Peckover demonstrates Christie's Care222® far-UVC device

Peckover, who provided a live demo of Christie’s Care222® far-UVC device, added that this technology is insurance against future viruses so that hopefully, once reopened, attractions will not be locked down again:

“…vaccines are definitely going to play a role. You know, it’s important to build up that herd immunity, which is which is definitely going to help. But we’re going to continue to see different strains show up. We’re going to see future viruses. This isn’t the first pandemic we’ve seen. I doubt it will be the last we’ve seen. So the great thing about UV light is that it doesn’t differentiate. It universally goes out and targets viruses and bacteria, irrespective of strain, origin, those types of things. So these are definitely tools that we can make use of to make our lives better in the future, I think.”


Howe added:

Looking further into the future, I can see and imagine that far-UVC fittings will be mandated in public buildings, just like smoke detectors and sprinkler systems. Are the rule learning all around the world that the massive human cost of this pandemic just coming to terms with the likely long term financial cost. I don’t think we can simply afford to make this mistake again to be as unprepared as we were for this global catastrophe.

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