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Magic Leap unveils spatial computing experience ‘Undersea’ for Magic Leap One

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Magic Leap has revealed Undersea, an experimental spatial computing experience for the Magic Leap One. The tech company will premiere Undersea at SIGGRAPH 2019.

Magic Leap is an industry leader in augmented reality (AR) and has received investment from Google. Magic Leap One includes a headset and small computer, as well as a handheld controller.

Undersea is a room-scale spatial computing experience that will bring the sea to your living room. Users wearing the lightweight Magic Leap One can observe underwater life in a dynamically generated coral reef biome.

Undersea is built on Unreal Engine 4 and Vulkan 3.1 mobile on Magic Leap One for an immersive experience in spatial computing.

Experience the sea in your own living room

“Undersea brings a room to life with breathtaking underwater landscapes in an interactive reef experience, and allows us to focus on pushing the boundaries of graphic fidelity within spatial computing,” said Dan Lehrich, VP of Production at Magic Leap.

“With each Magic Leap Studios project on Magic Leap One, we expand the ever-evolving potential of immersive experiences.

“The opportunity to work at the bleeding edge of what’s possible and pioneer on a brand-new platform is what motivates us, and we hope to inspire other creatives to push the boundaries and explore alongside us.”

The SIGGRAPH conference is an annual showcase for computer graphics and interactive techniques. Guests at SIGGRAPH 2019 can experience Undersea at the Immersive Pavilion from July 28 to August 1.

‘Breathtaking underwater landscapes’

“Spatial computing is increasingly becoming the norm in experiential entertainment. The quality and interactivity displayed through Undersea is a breathtaking look at how this art form is thriving,” said SIGGRAPH 2019 Immersive Pavilion Chair Victoria Rege.

Also exclusively available on Magic Leap One is ILMxLAB’s Project Porg, a mixed reality virtual pet that lets Star Wars fans raise their own Porg, who comes with his or her own mini Chewbacca toy.

Image: Magic Leap

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