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Photogenic celebrates new innovations ahead of IAAPA Expo 2021

The company’s latest solutions include cutting-edge subtraction technology and the new ePostcard marketing booster

ePostcard Navy Pier Photogenic

Photogenic Inc., a souvenir photography company providing ground-breaking capture technologies, has released a range of new technologies over the past year, which attendees at IAAPA Expo 2021 will be able to discover.

This innovative new tech, combined with Photogenic’s leading service standards, has resulted in record growth for its clients. The PGI Innovation Hub technology suite includes Photogenic’s Subtraction Technology, MyPhoto Platform, Multi-Channel Retailing Solutions, ePostcard Marketing Booster, Partner Portal and more.

Together, these solutions provide a streamlined guest experience from beginning to end.

No more green screens

The company’s cutting-edge subtraction technology allows its clients to get rid of outdated tech like green screens, as guests can be photographed in front of any background. The AI will then automatically place them into their ideal scene.

Photogenic AI subtraction capture

MyPhoto Platform

The company used this subtraction software to create MyPhoto, a platform that solves a number of friction points for both guests and operators. This automated photosystem does not have large infrastructure requirements and can engage a large number of guests without the need for a 1:1 guest to system ratio.

With MyPhoto, guests can capture and upload their photos from their own device and then use PGI Subtraction to customize and share them instantly through social media instantly.

Chicago’s Navy Pier is already successfully using the solution, which guests can use for free. Here, MyPhoto enhances the visitor experience while also helping the operator to collect more data and to reach a wider audience through social sharing and more.

Photogenic has created a robust, mobile-friendly platform that engages visitors instantly after photo capture, while also offering traditional retail solutions. This flexible system means that guests can buy their photos easily, no matter which channel they prefer. The multi-channel approach has been shown to increase conversion and satisfaction.


Photogenic also recently announced that it is offering its ePostcard platform for free for guests at partner venues. Using their own device, visitors can quickly create socially sharable videos with their professional photos.

This boosts the value of the admission ticket, increases Guest satisfaction, boosts, and multiplies social sharing, and helps spread brand and consumer messaging. It also offers sponsorship opportunities for partners.

Jim Harris, Director of Property Management and Leasing at Navy Pier says:

“For 20 years, Navy Pier has trusted Photogenic to capture the moment for our guests. In addition to providing high quality photos and an excellent guest experience, Photogenic has gone above and beyond to engage guests via multiple channels, creating an enhanced guest experience and expanding our social media reach with digital offerings including MyPhoto and ePostcard. The growth and development that Navy Pier has achieved as an iconic cultural destination is reflected through the innovative offerings that Photogenic has developed.”

Catherine Lorenzo, VP of Revenue at San Antonio Zoo says:

“How many photo companies have developed a product that digitally encompasses the entire Guest experience and provides a Free keepsake to all guests? Just Photogenic!”

Partner Portal

Finally, Photogenic has also launched a new collaboration marketing platform called The Partner Portal. This is designed to help attractions gain more understanding of visitors’ social sharing habits, as well as to build brand trust, increase audience exposure and boost web traffic.

Through the new platform, clients can track sales, conversions and ePostcard engagement in real-time. It also allows partners to work together on campaigns, explore trends and behaviours, and grow their revenue streams.

To find out more about these new solutions from Photogenic, email Lynn Neild to set up a meeting, either virtually or at IAAPA Expo 2021 in Orlando from 16 – 19 November.

Earlier this year, Photogenic and Cherry Hill Programs took the time to reflect on how they have adapted to the challenges presented by COVID-19.

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