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Bidders wanted to develop dinosaur theme park in China

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A locality in China is looking for bidders who want to develop a “world-class” dinosaur theme park near the site of a dinosaur fossil cluster in Yunyang County in the southwest of the country.

Suspected dinosaur fossils were found in Pu’an Township in Yunyang County in early 2015. The local government took measures to protect the fossils and in 2016 excavation began. In May last year, the local municipality gave approval for work to start on the Yunyang Pu’an Dinosaur Geopark.

Qin Changde, head of Yunyang County, told XinhuaNet: “The world-class natural resources should be matched with world-leading vision and wisdom. The invitation for global bids aims to attract a team of the top planners and paleontologists from around the world.

“The theme park is expected to be designed and developed to offer a fantastic journey into the world of the dinosaurs based on the rare fossil clusters combined with the best modern resources.”

Fossils have been identified over a 5km area of rock stratum. A 150m-long, 8m-high and 2m-thick “dinosaur fossil wall” was excavated at the site leading to the discovery of a large number of fossils beneath.

“Initial excavation and evaluation found a large scale and wide variety of fossil resources in Yunyang, with great research value and the ability to promote scientific literacy among the public,” Xu Xing from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology told XinhuaNet.

The bidding process has been listed on the website Qin said that the municipality hopes to attract global talent to preserve the fossil site and apply innovative technology to allow the public to experience it.

Image: Guy Courtois

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