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Dynamic Attractions celebrates the opening of SkyFly: Soar America

New flying theatre at The Island in Pigeon Forge

SkyFly - Flying Theater and Smoky Mountains

Dynamic Attractions, a leading creator of cutting-edge theme park rides, has announced that its new flying theatre, SkyFly: Soar America, is now open to the public at The Island in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

This fully-themed attraction is the most technologically advanced flying theatre ever and brings together ingenuity, family and Americana in a memorable steam-punk setting.

It features a pre-show that simulates guests being transported by train to the launch site, where they encounter an airship, transported from the 1900 World Fair to modern times and piloted by an inventor. During the ride, guests will enjoy soaring over beautiful scenery and key landmarks from across the USA. Scents, mist, wind and LED strobes make for a fully immersive experience.

SkyFly - Opens

Clay McManus is The Island’s executive who co-led the attraction development, in partnership with Dynamic Entertainment, says:

“This adventure ride will thrill everyone and will quickly become a top reason for families to visit the Smoky Mountains and Pigeon Forge. I encourage everyone thinking of coming to the Smoky Mountains to come and experience this incredibly fun attraction.”

An exciting family experience

“It takes a tremendous team effort to develop a world-class attraction like SkyFly and to integrate everything into an exhilarating, memorable, family experience,” adds Mike Carroll, Dynamic’s executive that co-led the attraction development along with McManus. “We look forward to seeing The Island in Pigeon Forge soar to new heights.”

Local talent helps to bring Dynamic’s vision to life, with Knoxville’s MBI Companies creating an iconic building for SkyFly. “Rides are usually in plain vanilla, metal box buildings, but we built a facility that is a memorable and integral part of the ride experience,” explains MBI’s Louis Cortina.

“The spectacular entrance draws visitors into the attraction. MBI is extremely proud to have worked on SkyFly. MBI’s mission statement is to improve the lives of our clients through design. What better way than designing an exciting ride for millions of visitors, creating memories and fun experiences.”

SkyFly attraction at night

Seth Harkins of theme design fabricator Adirondack Studios adds: ” Our partnership on this steam-powered invention goes back years, beginning with the idea of an airship transporting guests across North America, transforming into an immersive steampunk adventure and culminating in the realization of this breathtaking attraction.

“To build a high-flying ride truly takes a team and we were ecstatic to be part of a terrific one. We share the excitement of all our friends who worked on the project and we look forward to seeing The Island in Pigeon Forge soar to new heights!”

A fully-themed attraction

“From the exterior, it’s complex and curious,” says Mason Schmitz, of P+A Projects, the company that designed the building. “Inside is a fully themed attraction, telling a stirring, whimsical, and exhilarating story. Guests enter an inventor’s workshop, where their anticipation peaks and they board an ‘airship’ to ride above some of the most famous places in the United States. Dynamic outdid themselves; guests are going to love it.

“It was a fun challenge to add a mix of magic, fun, and culture to The Island while making it appear like it was always there. We are excited to see the guest’s response and are proud to bring this unique experience to everyone finding themselves in Pigeon Forge. We believe the outcome is quite beautiful and will be enjoyed by many guests for years to come.”

SkyFly - Line-up for tickets

Dynamic Technologies Group co-developed SkyFly and holds an option to acquire a 50% interest. “With over 12 million visitors to the region each year, SkyFly: Soar America couldn’t be better located,” says Guy Nelson, Dynamic’s CEO

“The Island in Pigeon Forge attracts and entertains families and guests of all ages. It is one of America’s favorite places to eat, shop, play and stay. And now they can ‘fly’ there too, aboard the best flying theater attraction yet.

“SkyFly: Soar America is one of the most entertaining and exhilarating attractions anywhere. Guests love it because it is funny and breath-taking, providing them with a unique opportunity to experience an immersive explosion of sensations. It is one of Dynamic’s finest achievements, which is fitting for our first co-venture.”

Earlier this year, Dynamic Attractions announced that its parent company, formerly known as Empire Industries, is now operating under the name of Dynamic Technologies Group.

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