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Evermore appeals for help during COVID-19

evermore park

Evermore, the immersive storytelling theme park, is appealing for help during a “difficult” year in order to invest in new content and entertainment, after being “hit hard” by COVID-19.

The immersive experience of Evermore, where guests are more like explorers, features theatrical performance, costuming, art effects, and technology.

In a statement addressed to friends, fans and supporters, Evermore said: “This year has been difficult for all of us, and we are so grateful for your unfailing support and love.

“The arts have been hit hard by COVID-19 and Evermore is no exception.”

As an interactive attraction, Evermore has had to change its working model so that visitors can experience it safely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately, it is an outdoor venue with plenty of space for guests, and Evermore has limits on how many people can enter the park and its themed buildings.

Evermore plans to invest in construction and events

The statement continues: “Our operations give jobs to artists of all sorts, including actors, musicians, set designers, costumers, and many more.

“We want to fund our current projects so we can be successful in the long run.” Evermore said it is “working hard to make ends meet” but is “still in need of extra help”.

“We have a lot of new content and new entertainment to bring you, but we need more financial support than we have been getting to make this happen.

“We are turning to you for help beyond our story,” it adds. “Please consider donating to support our park and sharing our post!”

Evermore has set up a GoFundMe, which details how the funds will be used. They will go towards construction of the church, Vander’s Keep restaurant, and the water feature near Town Square.

‘We have a lot of new content to bring you’

evermore park

The park will also invest in expanding fantasy-themed events, including concerts, unique parties and master classes.

In addition, Evermore is expanding its merchandise with new designs and products, while continuing its narrative card game, Evermore Realms.

As for new experiences, there will be an official Evermore podcast to discuss behind-the-scenes information, a mobile app to enhance the experience, and continued world building.

Earlier this year, Evermore released information about its new story model, Evermore Epics, which are different adventures that let guests control the events.

Evermore CEO and Founder Ken Bretschneider will be speaking at the blooloop V-Expo 13-15 October. Don’t miss out – register here today.

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