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Gardaland transforms iconic Corsairs (I Corsari) dark ride with 3D projection mapping

pirate character from revamped Corsair amusement ride at Gardaland

Gardaland theme park near Lake Garda in Italy is transforming its iconic Corsairs dark ride (I Corsari) into a multisensory immersive experience with 3D projection mapping.

‘The Corsairs: The revenge of the ghost’ plunges guests into a thrilling voyage across stormy seas, pursued by a ghostly pirate.

When it first opened in 1992, I Corsari was the most ambitious ride ever installed at an Italian theme park. Its construction involved as many as thirty companies from Italy and America, and took more than three years to complete.

Gardaland Resort Logo - I corsari corsairs dark rideNow, thanks to innovative 3D technology, visitors to Gardaland in 2018 will experience it in a completely new way. They will be transported right into the heart of a swashbuckling adventure, witnessing duels and crossing an underground world of abandoned galleons, ghostly villages and supernatural creatures.

From the moment visitors enter the embarkation area they will be introduced to the journey by the voice of a ghost that will accompany them along the path to a mysterious shelter, full of unexpected secrets and surprises.

LED projectors and over 100 speakers turn I Corsari into a multisensory experience

The dark ride will whisk guests past spectral figures imprisoned inside the solid walls of a tunnel, before they reach a hostile forest and encounter the ghost pirate himself, a gigantic cross between a marine monster and a netherworld creature.

Here, riders are thrown into the heat of battle amongst swamps, gigantic snakes, storms and cannonballs before finally escaping to safety.

Energy efficient, solid state LED projectors deliver powerful and precise images with spectacular effects. The park is also installing over 100 brand new speakers to ensure a multisensory experience with superior sound quality and is commissioning an original cinematic soundtrack.

Pietro Ubaldi, the Italian voice of Captain Redbeard from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” saga, is voicing the ghost pirate character.

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