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Mack Animation completes new 4D film for Chimelong Group

Kaka and Kiki’s Magical Circus Adventure is the company’s most elaborate 4D film yet

Kaka and Kiki's Magical Circus Adventure

Mack Animation, a leading animation studio and film production company, presents its latest 4D film production, Kaka and Kiki’s Magical Circus Adventure, created for Chimelong Group in China. This is the company’s 5th 4D film production, as it continues its global expansion in the field of attraction media.

The film features two of Chimelong’s much-loved mascots, Kaka and Kiki, who venture into a magical circus world that has been taken over by evil spirits. Here, they meet a new character the Cirus Genie, and together they work to banish the evil spirits, overcoming a range of challenges and doing some daredevil stunts along the way.

Mack Animation Kaka and Kiki film Chimelong

Feature film quality

Mack Animation and Chimelong Group worked closely on the content for the new 4D film, which ties in with the circus theme found in several of the Chinese group’s parks and offers the chance for plenty of action and fun.

Chimelong Group wanted a product with feature film quality, which is why it chose to work with Mack Animation. The project has also helped the group to strengthen its own IP in its parks.

“We are honoured that the long, trustful collaboration between Chimelong and the Mack Group now also extends beyond Mack-Rides into high-quality media production of Mack Animation. Both our companies share the same vision of high-end, innovative entertainment”, says Michael Mack, who has been leading the media expansion of the Mack Group for more than ten years.

Kaka and Kiki film Chimelong

This is the most elaborate 4D film created by Mack Animation to date, featuring more than 300 shots as well as plenty of special effects. Thanks to the company’s feature film resources and large render farm the final rendering of all the 39.860 frames was completed in a timely manner. On a normal home PC, this same work would have taken over 100 years to complete.

This summer, Mack Animations celebrated the success of Europa-Park’s new Pirates in Batavia ride, one year on. The company produced the media for the water dark ride.

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