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Japan’s tallest ferris wheel gets zombie-themed interactive version

zombie ferris wheel

Japan’s tallest ferris wheel, the Osaka Wheel, has been rebranded as a haunted interactive version, the Zombie Ferris Wheel of Hell, which runs through September 30.

Located at the Expo Commemoration Park in Suita, Osaka, the ferris wheel features gondolas that seat up to six people (via Sora News 24).

Riders will be informed by an operator that there are mysterious happenings on board, before things take a frightening turn. Just four gondolas are available for the interactive experience.

Guests on the gondolas are completely shut off from the outside world for nearly 20 minutes, with dark screens and screams.

The ride, which uses headphones and seat effects, is a ‘choose your own adventure’ attraction, with visitors making decisions that alter the outcome. They must work together to have a good or bad ending.

Haunted house meets ferris wheel in Osaka, Japan

A haunted house in ferris wheel form, the teaser is as follows:

“If you chant the mystic words while riding the ferris wheel, your wish will come true…

“Hoping to have her wish granted, a young lady stepped aboard the ferris wheel. After getting into an argument, she’d become estranged from her parents, but now wanted to find them.

“So she, along with her best friend, sat in the ferris wheel clutching her memento broach, as their gondola slowly climbed towards the highest point.

“Was her wish granted? The sky turned an unsettling shade of purple. The gondola was enveloped in inky shadows. A howl rang out.

“Just what is this place?”

In addition, the facility will be selling special ‘Zom-Beer’ and a non-alcoholic ‘Zombie Drink’. Visitors can purchase tickets in advance.

Elsewhere, a group of themed entertainment veterans are launching a drive-through haunt experience in Orlando named The Haunted Road.

This came after Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood cancelled their Halloween Horror Nights events for 2020.

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