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Sound Sculpture Inc. celebrates premiere of FlyOver Las Vegas

Pursuit opens new immersive flying experience


Sound Sculpture Inc. (SSI), leading sound artists focused on conceptual development and sonic creation for extraordinary places, created sound effects and provided in-field mixing services to Pursuit’s Creative Director Rick Rothschild and filmmaker Dave Mossop, with music composed by Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL).

The new flying experience is now open in Las Vegas, and takes guests on an immersive journey over 22 iconic destinations across the American West, from the Grand Canyon to Oregon’s Cascade Volcanic Arc. The flight ride’s film, “The Real Wild West,” showcases stunning locations in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico.

FlyOver in Las Vegas

Sound effects enhance the experience

Sound Sculpture focused on crafting sound effects which would articulate environments, reinforce onscreen action, and help enhance the visceral sensation of flight.

The diverse nature of the locations encountered in this experience required a broad palette of audio material. Sound Sculpture drew from region-specific audio recordings made by co-founders Ben and Roy Herrington over the past 25 years. The brothers also captured new field material specific to this project.

Evocative moments such as a solar eclipse sequence prompted the creation of aural atmospheres derived from several of the custom instruments handcrafted by Roy: bowed spring steel, dismembered pianos, water percussion, a thunder screen, and flex sheet resonators.

For this flying theatre project, Ben Herrington was responsible for principle sound design, while Roy Herrington performed Foley and Sound Sculpture’s physical sonic devices. Veteran theme park audio mixer and long-time Sound Sculpture collaborator Greg Krueger led the infield mixing effort.


Audio scape brings texture & authenticity to film

Ben and Greg have both worked with Rothschild on past projects at Walt Disney Imagineering, and this project was Sound Sculpture’s first collaboration with Pursuit.

Rothschild says: “What a pleasure it has been working again with Ben, this time as he created a truly special audio scape necessary to assure rich texture and authenticity for FlyOver the Real Wild West, along with Greg and his impeccable “ear” floating in the mixing seat to perfectly blend and balance Tom Holkenborg’s amazing score with Ben’s sound effects. The result is pure aural MAGIC!”

“Pursuit’s commitment to realism and authenticity, coupled with their desire to truly connect their guests to these stunning locations, made for a particularly inspiring collaboration,” adds Ben Herrington, Founder and Creative Director of Sound Sculpture Inc.

“Guests are not spectators here; they are active participants. Our job as sound artists is to help guests set aside reality for a moment — to help them believe that they have been transported to these amazing places, doing these incredible things. Audio can be such an effective tool for elevating these kinds of experiences.”

Sound Sculpture Inc is directed by Ben and Roy Herrington, leading sound artists in themed entertainment. The brothers blend vintage sound effects artistry and classic design techniques with developing technologies to create customized sonic creations for compelling experiences.

Image credits: FlyOver in Las Vegas by Pursuit

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