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Storyland Studios to design Storyville Gardens Theme Park

New attraction will build a love of reading

Storyville Gardens_concept Storyland Studios
Storyville Gardens Logo

Storyland Studios, the three-dimensional storytelling firm, has announced that it has been chosen to design Storyville Gardens in Middle Tennessee, which will be an immersive, story-driven theme park.

This unique new interactive park aims to instil a love of reading in visitors, over and above the basic classroom requirements. Stories from Asia, Africa, Europe and America will be brought to life through rides, attractions and shows.

Igniting a love of reading

Ben Thompson Storyland Studios
Ben Thompson

“We want to create an unforgettable experience that ignites an insatiable love of reading and story in the next generation of children,” says Ben Thompson, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Global Clients at Storyland Studios. “We’re incredibly excited to begin the next phase of creation with the Storyville Gardens team.”

Within the attraction, visitors will enjoy a mix of classic show-based entertainment and state-of-the-art technological innovations, for an all-new edutainment experience.

“The potential for Storyville Gardens is limitless, both in terms of its ability to become a global attraction as well as its expected impact on children and families that will embrace reading and stories through world-class, experiential attractions,” says Mel McGowan, Storyland Studios Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

Mel McGowan Storyland Studios
Mel McGowan

“The theme park industry will have never seen a park quite like this one. Tennessee families and tourists to the region are in for an experience they won’t be able to get anywhere else.”

Three-dimensional storytelling

Storyland Studios brings together veteran Disney Imagineers, alongside designers, architects, artisans and storytellers to create an experienced team. To date, the company has worked on projects for a range of big names in the themed entertainment sector, such as Disney, Universal Studios, Marvel, Lucasfilm, LEGO, Cedar Fair and more.

Storyville Gardens Map

By utilising Spatial, Strategic and Interactive storytelling, Storyland’s three-dimensional storytelling approach creates engaging and connected stories. For this Storyville Gardens project, the team will build an immersive environment throughout the park, encompassing the Plot, Setting and Character of the park.

“Our aim is to create a realistic, detailed spatial experience down to the smallest detail,” Thompson says. “We want visitors to feel as though they’re truly leaving behind the world they know and entering a whole new realm of imagination and possibility.”

A positive social impact

The idea for the park comes from Elde and DeLise Guerrier, owners of Nashville-based real estate and development firm Guerrier Development. The aim is to inspire children and families, making a positive social impact through storytelling.

“Nashville and the surrounding counties are missing family-friendly entertainment options for our children,” says DeLisa Guerrier, Managing Partner at Guerrier Development and project lead for Storyville Gardens. “Storyville Gardens will provide that option while also helping parents and caregivers instil a love of reading in their children.”


Storyville Gardens will cover a 130-acre site, with over 220,000 square feet of entertainment, retail, and dining facilities, and three hotels, alongside the theme park.

“There is a great deal of excitement and energy around Storyville Gardens, and we are looking forward to delivering it to the region,” says Elde Guerrier. “Children today are the most technologically savvy generation in history. Storyville Gardens will utilize technology to engage children in a way they understand and expect.”

Guerrier Development is currently working with private landowners and local government in Middle Tennessee to find a suitable site and the final location is expected to be announced by the end of this year, with construction work beginning mid-2022.

Storyland Studios also recently appointed Jim Clark, a veteran Disney Imagineer, as its newest Executive Director. 

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