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Themebuilders creates dinosaurs for Dino Splash at Plopsaland De Panne

Themebuilders Dino Splash Plopsaland

Themebuilders Philippines Inc., a specialist in theme projects and design, has created 15 realistic dinosaurs for a new ride at Belgian theme park Plopsaland De Panne.

Themebuilders Philippines Inc. is pleased to announce that it has produced a range of 15 dinosaurs for the new Dino Splash ride at the family-favourite Belgian park. Dino Splash is a remodelling of an existing log flume, now transformed into an exciting prehistoric scene, complete with dinosaurs and volcanoes.

Themebuilders is responsible for the design, engineering, production and installation of 15 detailed, life-like dinosaurs, creating an immersive atmosphere for the ride. Visitors can now enjoy a Jurassic adventure as they journey through an ancient landscape.

Animatronic effects

Themebuilders Dino Splash Plopsaland BlooloopThe Dino Splash ride includes 15 full-size dinosaurs, and seven of these are enhanced with animatronic effects to increase the immersive experience. The effects have been provided by Lagotronics Phillippines, and the ride’s audio system was installed by Lagotronics Projects.

The artistry of Themebuilders brings to life a range of different dinosaurs for the ride. The static dinosaurs are Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Archeopteryx, Pteranodon and Compsognathus. Guests will also enjoy seven animatronic dinosaurs; T-Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops and Baby, Brachiosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Styracosaurus and Ankylosaurus. Visitors will enjoy the iconic dinosaurs as they sail through an exciting landscape, with lava streams and simmering volcanoes.

A continuing partnership

A spokesperson for Themebuilders says, “We are glad to realize another key project and continue our trustful partnership with Plopsa.” The company has a long partnership with the theme park, having previously provided roller disco theming for the K3 Roller Skater and new theming on ‘Wickie The Battle’, Plopsaland’s water splash ride.

The company is based in the Philippines and has a European office in the Netherlands. It manufactures and installs custom design and theming for theme parks, amusement centres, FECs, museum, retail and more.

Other recent projects by Themebuilders include a huge ice dragon for Toverland’s Fenix Coaster and jungle-themed birthday rooms for Australian play centre chain Tabatinga.

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