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Universal patent for virtual queue “dynamic quest-based experience system”

Universal has filed a patent for a “dynamic quest-based experience system” to entertain and manage guests in a virtual queue.


The patent notes that high capacity at theme parks results in guests waiting in queues for large portions of their time at the park. This means that “the experience of each guest may be limited by waiting in queue areas”.

Physically standing in queues may detract from the overall experience of visitors, and a long wait time may mean guests bypass certain attractions. This new patent allows guests to use a “computing device”, such as a phone or perhaps dedicated technology, and be placed into a virtual queue with a quest-based narrative.

Guests given tasks to complete

The system is designed to give the guest a series of tasks they must complete. At least “one interactive element” is associated with the task. By creating an interactive “storyline form”, these tasks are more enjoyable for the guest.

Certain clues or instructions may be delivered to the guests’ computing device that are used to complete the task. These may involve solving a mystery, or be set within a certain theme that can link to the attraction they are waiting to ride. This helps to “provide a more immersive experience”.

Guests taken around the park to complete tasks

This virtual queue can take guests around the park during the course of the tasks. Furthermore, the system is dynamic. This means that certain guests can be pushed forward by completing fewer tasks, or held back by increasing the amount of time spent on tasks. It can react in real-time, allowing for ride break downs or breaks for meet-and-greet characters,

This means that “high value and low capacity attractions may be maintained at maximum capacity throughout the day to permit as many guest interactions as possible while also avoiding having guests wait at such attraction in long lines”.

Inside the Magic speculate that this patent could be used for a Halloween haunted house attraction, however, the patent itself does not specify any particular attraction use.

Meanwhile, the opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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