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Zamperla launches new Double Heart Lightning roller coaster

Coaster is available in two heights, and features three launches and two inversions

Zamperla Double Heart Lightning 50m

Zamperla, a leading ride manufacturer, has announced a new coaster concept, the Double Heart Lightning, which is available in two models: 70 metres high and 50 metres high. It features three launches and two inversions, alongside twists, dives and more.

Both models are the tallest coasters designs by Zamperla to date, and use the company’s new Lightning trains, which were first unveiled at IAAPA Expo in 2019. These will be used on several upcoming coaster concepts.

Next-generation thrill ride

The experience starts with the first of three launches as it accelerates forward with a moment of airtime at the top. Then, the train falls back and is accelerated a second time. Finally, the third LSM launch takes riders up and over, with an airtime moment at the top before a twisting vertical drop followed by an Immelmann inversion and a Dive Loop.

The 50-metre model is available with one 12 or 16 seater train, and the 70-metre high version has the option of one or two 16 passenger trains, with a turntable for multiple train operation.

Zamperla_Double Heart Lightning 70m

The trains have an aluminium-milled chassis which is lighter than the previous Thunderbolt trains, and also has minimal structural welds, for reduced offseason NDT labour and costs. The comfortable seats feature a next-generation lap restraint. Zamperla has also worked to minimise operating costs for all elements.

“The Double Heart represents a significant step forward as we grow into a go-to roller coaster manufacturer. Both models are a great marriage of a ride designed to come together at the intersection of marketability, ride experience, capacity and cost,” says the company.

Earlier this year, Zamperla announced it will be hosting a monthly Funweek, designed to highlight fun and creativity, as well as special projects and new products. Funweek is an opportunity for people to discover what the company has been working on behind the scenes and to see previews of its new rides and products.

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