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Bart de Boer and Alfeo Moser: two industry icons

Two industry icons, Bart de Boer from Holland and Alfeo Moser from Italy, have passed away in recent weeks.

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Alfeo Moser
Alfeo Moser

Bart de Boer and Alfeo Moser both had a strong passion for our industry. They both were also still quite active in the business. Moser was the founder and owner of Moser’s Rides in Italy, and de Boer was CEO and Chairman of the Board of Efteling from 2008 to 2013, as well as serving on numerous other industry committees and boards.

by Jeroen Nijpels, JNELC

For many of us, there is an emotional moment during the week at IAAPA Expo in Orlando when we commemorate those industry people that have left us in the past 12 months. But this year, it is likely that few people from Europe (or any place outside the USA for that matter) will be able to travel to Orlando in November.

It might even be that nobody from our industry will travel there if IAAPA decides to cancel the event. So this year we may not have the chance to pause a moment and spend a short time in remembering those recently departed industry icons. Here, I want to recognise these two attractions industry greats, Bart de Boer and Alfeo Moser.

Bart de Boer and Alfeo Moser

Alfeo Moser was quite the character. I remember exhibiting at trade shows around the world together, where he would bring a whole parmesan cheese to enjoy in the quiet showtimes.

His passion and enthusiasm, his great flair for hospitality and his eternal smile will be remembered by many of us all over the world. I trust Stefano Moser and his siblings and colleagues will manage to continue Alfeo Moser’s heritage and lead Moser’s Rides into a bright future.

Bart de Boer
Bart de Boer

Bart de Boer was also a true character. During his time at Efteling, he put a significant mark on one of Europe’s leading parks. For instance, he introduced the idea of year-round opening at the theme park. Under his tenure, the park enjoyed a period of relentless investment.

After leaving Efteling, de Boer served on several boards of attractions and leisure related organisations. This included a stint chairing the IAAPA EMEA Advisory Committee. Here, he was able to share his immense knowledge and experience with many. The Dutch leisure industry has truly lost a real icon.

An industry built on passion

The sad news of the passing of Bart de Boer and Alfeo Moser also reminds me that a big part of our industry is built around passionate individuals – people that often do not get enough credit for the great things they have achieved.

Please join me in remembering the contributions these two men have made to the industry. If you, like many of us, will not be able to make it to Orlando this year, make sure that on that early November morning, you take a moment to think of all the great people we have lost this year.

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Jeroen Nijpels

Jeroen Nijpels

Jeroen Nijpels, ICAE, has been active in the theme park industry since 1996 and is the owner and managing director of JNELC, a consultancy company that specializes in supplying high-end attractions and services from various suppliers in the industry. He is currently the Chairman of the EMEA Manufacturer & Supplier Subcommittee and a member of the EMEA Advisory Committee, the Global M&S Committee and the Service Awards Committee. One of his key achievements at IAAPA is the formation of the Young Professionals group.

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