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American Wave Machines announces PerfectSwell Shizunami

Despite COVID-19, the latest PerfectSwell project was constructed in record time.

PerfectSwell Shizunami

American Wave Machines (AWM), a leading wave pool, surf park and wave technology company, is celebrating the fastest construction of a PerfectSwell high-performance surfing pool yet, with the completion of a new venue in Shizunami, Japan.

PerfectSwell Shizunami, located in a popular beach and surf town in Makinohara, is easily accessible by bullet train with stunning views of Mount Fuji on the journey. Despite the challenges presented over the last year, with disrupted travel and productivity, Surf Stadium Japan (SSJ), AWM and the licensee worked together to complete the project in a record 389 days.

New technology from AWM

During the commissioning phase, cutting-edge technology will be tested, such as Temporal Distortion. This new wave design feature allows for more hydrodynamic control, explains William McFarland, AWM Surf Programmer:

“Temporal Distortion will lead to an entirely new selection of waves for both high-performance and learning applications. This level of control will add shifting elements to the surf creating a more dynamic wave overall.”

The system’s power response has also been upgraded as part of this project, says Lead Engineer Miquel Lazaro: “Start-up test results confirm the enhanced performance and full system optimization.”

PerfectSwell Shizunami will showcase how top-level surf can be achieved in urban centres within a relatively small footprint, in what is known as “surf arenas”.

“By fitting the dynamic, powerful, and varied surf PerfectSwell provides onto a footprint less than half the size of anything similar, we’ve created a blueprint for a stand-alone urban surf park that is ready to roll out across the world,” says Mike Lopez, AWM Senior VP.

An opening date for PerfectSwell Shizunami will be announced once international travel resumes and the venue is commissioned by AWM for the licensee (SSJ).

American Wave Machines recently invited pro surfers Evan Geiselman and Kevin Schulz to compete in the first-ever game of SURF held in a PerfectSwell wave pool.

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