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American Wave Machines invites surfers to compete in a PerfectSwell wave pool

Two of the USA’s top surfers competed in a game of SURF

PerfectSwell SURF game american wave machines

American Wave Machines, a leading wave pool, surf park and wave technology company, invited pro surfers Evan Geiselman and Kevin Schulz to compete in the first-ever game of SURF held in a PerfectSwell wave pool.

In this fun game, one surfer performs a trick and, if successful, the second surfer then has to repeat the same trick. If a surfer fails a trick, they are given a letter, and the game continues, with the first to spell out the word SURF losing the game.

There are many surf competitions held around the world, starting with the first World Surfing Championships in 1964. However, holding a competition or tournament in the ocean means that participants and organisers have to deal with a host of unknowns, relying on the changeable ocean conditions.

Ideal conditions

This is where PerfectSwell technology can come to the rescue. The ability to provide the perfect wave each time makes a PerfectSwell venue the ideal platform for competitions. For instance, both the Ripcurl Grom Search National Championship and the Monster Energy Stab High events have successfully been held in the PerfectSwell facility at BSR in Waco, Texas, offering a high-level, consistent playing field for participants.

During this recent SURF game, it was shown how the conditions of the PerfectSwell pool can lead to new and exciting competitive formats being created.  

“By giving surfers equal opportunity to perform on every wave, wave pools have been able to eliminate many of the challenges that come with holding a competition on a moving playing field in the ocean,” says pro surfer Rob Kelly, talking about the event. “This opens up the door for better broadcasting opportunities which help showcase the sport to the masses in the same way other popular actions sports have been able to. “

Wave pool technology such as this allows surfing to be more accessible than ever before, attracting new fans and surfers, being showcased on major networks and taking the sport to new heights.

American Wave Machines also recently showed how PerfectSwell technology is being used for surf lessons, making these wave pools the ideal tool for people of all levels to improve their skills.

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