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Polin announces new Glassy and Stardust waterslides and interactive water game

Polin Waterparks creates Glassy world's first fully transparent waterslide

Polin Waterparks unveiled three new products at the IAAPA Attractions Expo. Amongst other innovations, customers can look forward to an “interstellar’ new attraction and the world’s first fully transparent composite waterslide.

Glassy – the transparent waterslide

After extensive work by Polin’s R&D centre in Turkey, the company has announced its new Glassy waterslide (as pictured above).

This is the world’s first fully transparent waterslide. Other acrylic slides often seen in cruise ship installations are less cost-effective, not fully transparent and with a finish that deteriorates over time.

In pioneering the world’s fully transparent composite waterslide, the manufacturer is building on several previous innovations. Its closed-moulded technology has already lead to developments such as light resin transfer moulding (LRTM) in waterslide manufacturing. Since 2006, 100% of Polin’s fibreglass production has been in LRTM, a first for the aquatic attractions industry, creating an attractive long lasting, glossy, customisable finish.

There have been regular innovations since, including special lighting effects, integrated sound effects and patterned and transparent composites that have made several unique slide designs possible.

At the heart of Polin’s R&D strategy is its concentration on financial, customer and process driven elements. It continues to focus on high-quality design and innovative, patented concepts.

polin waterparks research scientist. at iaapa 2018.
Polin research lab at IAAPA 2018

Stardust – a waterslide with a story

Visitors to the Polin Waterslides booth at IAAPA were able to see a hologram 3D model of this proposed new attraction. The Stardust waterslide features a built-in storyline that will immerse your guests in a unique interstellar experience.

The story begins as the Galactic Exploration Cruiser rockets through the solar system before crash-landing on earth. Primitive tribes use the mysterious structure as a shelter. Yet, in a state of virtual hibernation since its landing, it silently maintains and builds its energy stores. The spaceship comes back to life with a new purpose: an adrenaline-pumping, thrill-inducing, high-octane fun machine!

Every Stardust detail has been designed to support the storyline. With its streamlined geometry, riders slip and slide though its ellipses and orbits. Passengers’ weight and movement directly affect their raft’s speed and course along the slide’s path. Adding to the unpredictability of the experience is a “multipoint entrance” to the drop section. Every ride should be different, leaving guests keen to repeat the experience.

Stardust is available in a variety of configurations featuring paths made of both open and enclosed slide sections. The version shown here features a total slide length of 210m and a 33.5 x 22m footprint. The typical start height would be 24m. The family-friendly attraction uses 4-person rafts and can be supplied with either a conveyor or tower. Maximum hourly capacity is 300, based on a throughput of 75 rafts. Riders will experience a top speed of 9.5m per second.

Optional effects include LED illumination, lasers and fog. Several alternative theming possibilities are available. All should ensure strong visual impact with spectator appeal. Indoor installation is also a possibility.

Splash Bucket – interactive splash game


Polin’s new Splash Bucket is a one-to-one interactive splash game tests players to see who has the fastest reaction.

Participants must tap the buttons as fast as they can when they light up. Players can have fun attempting to beat their opponent and splashing them with nozzles embedded in the module, and with a big splash at the end of the game.

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