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Polin Waterparks champions accessibility with Splash Bucket AllCan

Splash Bucket AllCan Polin

Polin Waterparks, a leader and innovator in waterpark technology, is celebrating the success of its accessible attraction, Splash Bucket AllCan. 

Polin Waterparks installed the world’s first Splash Bucket AllCan at Tuzla Marina Waterpark in İstanbul, Turkey in July 2019 and is pleased to announce that it has been entertaining guests of all abilities ever since. SplashBucket AllCan is a fun, interactive water game which challenges visitors reaction times as they try to soak their friends and family without getting wet themselves.

Splash Bucket AllCan Polin

Empowering people through technology

In a statement, the company said: “Polin believes that even the smallest changes can make the biggest differences in quality of life with the integration of technology, interactivity and gaming.

“Technology offers many different ways to help people with all capabilities lead healthy lives. With more than one billion people living with disabilities, it’s vital that technology reflects the diversity of the users to foster digital inclusion for all.”

Splash Bucket AllCan Polin

Splash Bucket AllCan is a game of reaction times, as players compete to be the fastest. They tap the buttons in front of them as soon as they light up, in order to splash their competitor with the embedded nozzles. And at the end of the game, the loser gets an even bigger splash, so the stakes are high.

The inclusive, interactive design of this new attraction means it can be played by all, helping those with disabilities to lead healthy, active lifestyles. It has already received several awards, such as the  International Design Awards, GOOD DESIGN Awards and ‘A’ Design Awards, as well as being recognised at the Attraction Star Awards.

Earlier this year, Polin revealed its latest innovation, Splash Course, a team-building activity that is designed to be suitable for all ages. This features a range of elements and gives guests a sense of achievement as they complete challenges.

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