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Rulantica water world opens at Europa-Park

rulantica water world europa-park

Europa-Park‘s €180 million indoor water world Rulantica has officially opened. The destination boasts nine themed settings and 25 water attractions, including 17 slides from ProSlide, across 32,600 square metres.

Rulantica, a Scandinavian-style water park on an expansion site covering 450,000 square metres, opened after 26 months of construction.

The impressive expansion features Scandinavian landscapes, mystical sceneries and imaginative designs, as well as the adjoining hotel Krønasår.

‘Trølldal’ is a water playground for children, which features trees and rocks inhabited by trolls. The shallow pool offers kids a variety of climbing and playing facilities, including the ‘Schabernakker’ and ‘Tommelplums’ slides.

Scandinavian landscapes and mystical sceneries

rulantica water world europa-park

Also located at Trølldal is ‘Snorri’s Saga’, an indoor lazy river through the water world starring the adorable octopus Snorri.

‘Lumåfals’, home to the sea people and guardians of Rulantica, is a colourful grotto with the ‘Surf Fjørd’ wave pool and a gigantic waterfall.

Located next door between bubbling water walls and stalactites, the self-service restaurant ‘Lumålunda’ serves fresh pizzas, pastas and salads. ‘Snorri’s Grotta’ shop sells souvenirs.

The ‘Skip Strand’ adventure pool includes a sunken vessel and a variety of nets, ropes and masts, while the ‘Hoppablad’ obstacle course features floating debris.

Rulantica boasts slides, F&B and shopping

rulantica water world europa-park

In ‘Vinterhal’, slides take visitors past the frozen sea snake Svalgur. Slides include the ‘Isbrekker’ jump slide, the steep-wall slide ‘Vinter Rytt’, and the rafting slide ‘Svalgur Rytt’.

As for the town of ‘Rangnakor’, it is built on stilts and boasts the free-fall slides ‘Dugdrob’ and ‘Vildfål’, as well as the ‘Odinrås’ racing slide.

The ‘Komfort Hyddas’ cabins offer guests a private retreat with a view of Rulantica, and can be booked for a surcharge.

Rulantica also features the ‘Skål Bar’, serving cold and warm beverages, and another self-service restaurant called ‘Snekkjas’.

Adjoining hotel Krønasår recently opened

rulantica water world europa-park

The ‘Skog Lagoon’ is an oasis with waterfalls and bubble loungers, while ‘Skogbar’ serves drinks including cocktails.

The 8,000-square-metre outdoor area also has a heated outdoor pool called ‘Frigg Tempel’, and refreshments and smoothies at the swim-up bar, ‘Tempel Krog’.

Other attractions include ‘Vildstrøm’, a heated riverbed, as well as the ‘Kelpie Café’ and ‘Rulantica Market’ and ‘Rulantica Galerie’ shops in the lobby.

Images: Europa-Park

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