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Aratag mobile app helps attractions to educate and engage with visitors

Aratag app

Aratag, the mobile application for visitors to zoos, museums, parks and other tourist attractions, was launched by Pangea Rocks this November at the annual Worldwide Aquarium and Zoos Association (WAZA) conference.

Pangea Rocks, the rock work and environment construction company, is pleased to announce the launch of the Aratag mobile app. This is designed to help visitor attractions engage and educate visitors in a modern and attractive way.

Aratag can be used by all types of conservation organisations, from aquariums and zoos to museums and other attractions. It aims to provide useful information in an engaging and easy to use format.

Engagement is key

10% of the population visit zoos and aquariums every year – that’s 700 million visitors. To help these attractions spread the conservation message, Pangea Rocks has come up with a digital solution. This means that they can present their information in a way that engages visitors and enriches their experience.

The Aratag app is able to store and present up to date and relevant information directly to customers through their smartphone. It connects with beacons, placed at specific points of interest around the attraction, using GPS. When visitors approach these, their device automatically shows relevant content. For example – walking up to the penguin enclosure will bring up penguin-related content in the app.

Interactive content

Whereas paper maps and long written descriptions may not hold a visitor’s attention for long, the app content is more engaging as it can provide exclusive videos, galleries and audio guides alongside detailed and up-to-date information with maps and directions.

Aratag app

The app can also be used as a communication platform, enabling operators to inform visitors about special offers as well as information about what is happening that day at the attraction.

Data within the app can be adapted to suit any institution. For example, operators can choose to include engaging content such as feeding times, animal daily routines and “behind the scenes” videos as well as presenting informative details about the animals.

By using the Aratag app, organisations can keep the visitor engaged while educating them about the importance of conservation.

One app, many attractions

Aratag appAratag is the first app to unify hundreds of separate attractions around the world. Visitors don’t need to download a different app for each zoo or aquarium they visit – they can simply use the same app. The unique platform also allows people to remain connected to the institutions even after their visit. It can be used to plan a visit beforehand or to read more information afterwards.

The app package includes powerful analytical tools. This allows operators to get direct feedback from the visitors and to pull statistical data of the most visited objects and most popular or engaging content.

Aratag has a strong partnership with the world’s leading aquariums and zoos organization – WAZA. From each subscription of WAZA a member institution, Aratag gives 10% back to WAZA in donations. In addition to this, all WAZA members receive a 20% discount for the first year, with special deals available for continuous subscriptions too.

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