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Sarthana Nature Park plans upgrades and new Pal Aquarium tunnel

Sarthana Nature Park

Sarthana Nature Park, in Surat India, will see its facilities upgraded to include electric vehicles for visitors to travel around the park, and a new viewing tunnel for Pal Aquarium.

The Surat Municipal Corporation will upgrade facilities at both Sarthana Nature Park and Pal Aquarium.

As well as the battery operated vehicles, the Nature park will begin to allow the use of cycles.

SMC will invite offers from private operators to run battery-run vehicles, which will be specifically designed for children and senior citizens who find it difficult to walk around the park. Zoo superintendent, Prafful Mehta, said: “It would take three months to complete the process of tendering and finalisation of the private player,”

The aquarium will also be expanded to include a 60 metre underwater viewing tunnel. SMC is currently attempting to gain possession of a vacant plot, meant for crematorium, adjacent to the facility.

“Once we get the land, a techno-economic feasibility report would be prepared by a consultant and the project would be undertaken on PPP basis,” Mehta said.

There are more than 1,000,000 visitors to Sarthana each year, and the Pal aquarium attracts around 350,000.

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