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Safari park planned for Watlington, Norfolk

Watlington safari park

A safari park is planned for a former quarry site in Watlington. Proposals have been submitted to West Norfolk Council’s planning committee.

The application was submitted by Edward Pope of Watlington Farms.

The plans in January have been in the pipeworks since January. Lynn News reports that Watlington Safari Park is hoped to bring 237 full-time construction jobs and £3.57m to the local economy anually.

The planning statement was produced by Rural Solutions Ltd.

The safari park would include a conservation programme and educational resources. It would benefit other local businesses by encouraging overnight visitation.

“An exceptional wildlife experience”

The application says that the park hopes: “To provide an exceptional wildlife experience, with birds and animals behaving naturally despite some being thousands of miles from their native lands.

“Watlington Wildlife Park will be a place to relax, a place to learn and a place to explore.

“As a centre for conservation excellence, the park will offer the chance to see extraordinary, non-predatory wildlife close-up in a natural, open environment without cages or pens including markhor, zebra and buck, rare great bustards, flamingos, ibex and wildebeast.

“Whilst it is currently the intention to grow the number of visitors and associated supporting visitor buildings and accommodation in the future, this initial ‘soft start’ to the visitor experience will allow the applicant to capture public feedback on the Wildlife Park offer, and gain operational feedback, and thus help inform an appropriate scheme for the development of any visitor infrastructure on the site.”

The only development that has been proposed to take place on the main site is the erection of a stock proof fence for the animals.

A temporary cabin style building will act as a reception on the northern site. It will be close to a car park area for visitor and staff parking.

Image courtesy Rural Solutions Ltd

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