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Utica Zoo builds excitement for next phase of expansion

utica zoo masterplan

Utica Zoo, New York, have launched a new campaign to mark the start of the next phase of expansion.

The campaign, called “The Excitement Is Building”, is calling for donations to improve the habitats of some of the zoo’s primates.

As part of the ongoing Dream Big masterplan, the zoo now intends to build “living rainforests” for the White Handed Gibbons and their Spider Monkeys. There will also be significant upgrades and renovations to the interior, roof and visitor viewing and keeper areas.

Pearl Yusaf, director of Animal Operations for the Utica Zoo, said: “Other people can see, the little things that we see behind the scenes is more on display and it’s more educational for the public. It’s more enlightening for the public. I always want the public to appreciate the animals that we have and I think this helps make people appreciate them more.”

The $3.13 million project also includes the development of:

  • Project Underway: $913,000
  • Spider Monkey Exhibit Expansion: $1,116,000
  • Interior White Handed Gibbon Exhibit and General Building Improvements: $987,000
  • Grand Entrance and Observation Treehouse: $100,000
  • New Roof: $20,000

Utica Zoo has been in the region for over 100 years. Its mission is to create unique experiences and promote public appreciation of wildlife through education, conservation and recreation.

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Michael Mander

Michael Mander

I am a journalist from Essex, England. I enjoy travelling, and love exploring attractions around the world. I graduated from Lancaster University in 2018. Twitter @michael_mander.

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