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Dezerland: indoor theme park set for North Miami

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Developer and car collector, Michael Dezer, is transforming his Miami Auto Museum and Ninja Lounge into an indoor theme park, Dezerland.

The 250,000 sq ft park is set to open in January 2019 at a cost of $25 million. The Ninja Lounge will be rebranded into the new park, while the Auto Museum will be relocated to Orlando and the space freed for development of Dezerland, reports the South Florida Business Journal.

Additions will include a parkour obstacle course and electric go-carts. Dezerland will also have indoor skydiving, a two-level, mini-golf course and bumper cars.

Also set for the 2019 opening is a 300-foot zip line, a fitness center, multi-level ninja warrior course, a karaoke bar, food trucks and a fitness boot camp.

The indoor park will have an after-school program.

Community and family entertainment centre

In a report from the Miami Herald, general manager of  Cutari Cotton calls the Ninja Lounge, which includes a VR park, a community and family entertainment centre.

He said, “it’s a new concept we are trying to bring to families to do their weekday activities … and their weekend activities … We are saying to say we are like Disney World in Miami but you interact more.”

Dezer adds, “When Dezer does something, it tries to win every segment of the market. If some people don’t like go-karts, they’ll like bumper cars… That’s the beauty, that’s why we get so many people.

“I’m a kid at heart. When I was born at Israel, we didn’t have these kinds of park and arcades. I am making up for what I didn’t do when I was as young kid.”

The trend for active play is also at the heart of developments elsewhere in the industry, with Merlin Entertainments’ Bear Grylls Adventure Park opening in Birmingham later this year.

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