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Katie gets Scared : Cedar Fair park’s Windseekers


By Katie Bruno

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I have worked with amusement parks for many years and attended many a media preview day.  I love the thrills but am never really scared.  I will ride any roller coaster out there without hesitation.  It is fun for me.  It is part of the reason I love this business.

That said, the new Windseeker ride being put in at four of the Cedar Fair parks this year scares the flippin’ bejesus out of me.  I just can’t see myself riding it. It defies all of my scientific logic and puts me in a state of panic just to look at the animation of the thing.

Basically it is a wave swinger on steroids.   At 301 feet tall, it is just shy of the height of the largest hill on the Millennium Force at Cedar Point.  It is a 30 story high pole with swings hanging off the top.  I don’t know about you, but to me that is really, really high.  The swings are on struts instead of chains, but that just barely reduces my terror.

Maybe I am just showing my age.    The kids will probably love it.  But, just like the General Manager of Cedar Point John Hildebrandt says in the interview video, I am “hedging my bet” on whether or not I am going to try this one.

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