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Packing for the International Aquarium Congress


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by David Manwarren

I was, and still am known for my use of the run on sentence. I try to pack as many words as I can before I am forced to use a period. The good news is nowadays we have spell check, so the words david manwarren aquarium zoo exhibit designermight not make a lot of sense, but they will be spelled correctly!

Anyway how did I get stuck – I mean honored – to do a blog on Zoos and Aquariums? When Charles Read called me, he told me that Blooloop was going to work with the International Aquarium Congress (IAC) this year in Cape Town, South Africa. Now I am sure they have some very good reasons to, but the first thing that came to mind was "Road Trip!". Who would not want to go to South Africa? Charles asked me to give my insight to the Zoo and Aquarium World as we lead up to Conference in September. Being that my bags are packed, I said of course. Seriously, we are looking forward to attending our 5th IAC. Every four years we have one and they have been excellent for exchanging ideas and getting new contacts.

So what is my take on 8th IAC being held in Cape Town? Who in the heck picked the dates? The dates coincide with the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Conference. We have been going to the AZA conferences for over 30 years now. This is usually our big conference of the year, so it is a shame that it is at the same time as the IAC. It really is a shame for people in our company, who now have to go to Phoenix, because I will be in South Africa. I hate doing it, but I have to make an executive decision.

So what is my take on the Zoo and Aquarium world? What are its trends, who is building what? Who cares! I am going to Cape Town. I can write about that stuff on the next blog…

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