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dan pearlman unveils new store concept for Kölle Zoo

dan pearlman kolle zoo

dan pearlman, leading brand and experience architecture group, has announced its latest project, creating an experience destination for the new Kölle Zoo store.

The dan pearlman group is pleased to unveil the new look Kölle Zoo store, where it has created a leisure experience for animal lovers and their pets. Kölle Zoo is a leading pet supplier and required a new experience destination for pets and their owners to shop in comfort. The result of the project by dan pearlman brand architecture and spring brand ideas provides a new pet-friendly shopping environment with a feel-good atmosphere. The innovative new store concept is located in Esslingen, Germany.

Kölle Zoo has 21 stores across Germany and Austria. The world-renowned business offers advice on many aspects of keeping pets, such as fishkeeping, garden ponds, reptile keeping, birds and more. The newly opened branch in Esslingen is a 2,000 square metre centre that aims to put the leisure experience of pets and their owners at the forefront.

dan pearlman kolle zoo

Architecture and communication

In the innovative new Esslingen store, products are staged authentically, alongside playful depictions of the nature of pets. The project matches architecture with communication and ensures pet-friendly design throughout. Each pet and product group has its own area which is easily distinguishable.

The design also includes clear visual guidance throughout, using a monochrome colour scheme with natural materials such a spruce wood for a natural ambience. The new brand image was created by spring brand ideas and includes the logo, key visuals, icons, typography, images and colours. This resulted in a rejuvenation of the brand design, tonality and language. One key visual is the addition of little ears to the letter ‘ö’ in Kölle Zoo which is fun and highly memorable.

dan pearlman kolle zoo

Brand unity

Working with the new brand look, spring brand ideas also developed the POS communication concept to create unity. This includes all communication areas, for example, store facades, instore areas and interactive displays, racks, shopping bags and stand-up displays, the signposting system, print communications and the staff uniforms.

They also implemented a new digital signage strategy using interactive screens, which highlights online services such as offers, events and the webstore. This concept was the result of a partnership with NORDLAND Systems GmbH and Grassfish Marketing Technologies GmbH.

Another feature is the new Kölle Zoo lounge, which spreads the message of animal adoption. Here, customers can contact local animal centres through screens and touchpads. All aspects of the project come together to embody the motto of the store: “with heart and mind for animals”.

dan pearlman also recently worked on a project with fashion chain Bonprix, in order to launch a new ‘Fashion Connect’ pilot store in Hamburg.

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