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LDP and Blooloop launch visitor attractions industry annual benchmarking survey

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Leisure Development Partners (LDP), a leading economics and strategy consultant, has launched a new annual benchmarking survey, in cooperation with Blooloop.

Leisure Development Partners is pleased to announce a new annual benchmarking survey for the attractions sector. This short survey will explore key benchmark metrics and trends. It will look at topics such as attendance, visitor profile, revenues and operating costs.

There will be several benefits for the industry and for survey participants. Firstly, insights will be published in a series of free articles on Blooloop. In addition to this, participants will also receive a confidential key performance indicator (KPI) review. This will compare their specific business to aggregated data within their attraction category.

Providing deeper insights

Michael Collins LDP
Michael Collins

These benchmarking reports provide an opportunity for operators to assess areas for improvement and look at future opportunities, as they plan for next season and beyond.

“Many attractions compare their performance only to last month or last year. Furthermore, they do not know how they perform compared to their peers,” says Michael Collins, Senior Partner, LDP. “At LDP we value benchmarking to give deeper insight and strategic direction.

“Understanding where you can improve or where you are excelling compared to others can be hugely beneficial. For example, many attractions do not know their penetration rates. Even fewer understand how these compare to industry norms. Participants in the survey will gain this valuable insight.”

Charles Read, Managing Director of Blooloop says: “The team at LDP are experienced, recognized leaders in the field of economic research and analysis for visitor attractions. We are therefore proud to support this new, annual benchmarking survey which will highlight key benchmark metrics and trends.

“A significant benefit to those taking the survey is that they will receive a confidential key performance indicator (KPI) review. This will compare their own attraction’s performance to aggregated data within their attraction category.”

The data gathered will be held in strict confidence. The annual survey is open to all owners and operators, from every category and size of attraction. It will take 10 minutes to complete and can be found here. The benchmarking survey will run annually. This means that those taking part can see how their metrics evolve alongside the benchmarks. Over time, it will also reveal emerging trends.

Earlier this year, LDP also published an article exploring the potential impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the attractions industry, looking at how it has recovered from past crises, from terrorism to natural disasters and the financial crisis.

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