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Minion Park, Dragon Quest for Universal Studios Japan in 2017

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Universal Studios Japan has revealed details of two major new attractions for 2017, its 15th anniversary. These are Dragon Quest: The Real and Minion Park. The theme park is also preparing for a number of other new attractions, shows, and entertainment starting Friday March 17, 2017.

Dragon Quest

First, Dragon Quest: The Real is set to open on March 17th. It is based on the hugely popular Japanese role-playing game series Dragon Quest. This unique new attraction will take guests through a walk-through role-playing environment. The Players encounter monsters and use weapons to fight them. The attraction is not permanent and will be held for a limited time only.

dragon quest universal studios japan

The first Dragon Quest game was launched in 1986.  Japanese video game developer Square Enix Co., Ltd. produced and distributed the game. Since then,  the game series has sold over 66 million copies. With Dragon Quest: The Real, Universal Studios Japan has created a richly themed, immersive attraction. It features “realistic battles with the monsters that appear in Dragon Quest”.

The attraction will see guests hold a weapon and walk through a realistic, faithfully-reproduced dungeon (labyrinth). They will work together with friends to kill a succession of monsters, in true Dragon Quest style. The park refers to the experience as a “Real Battle Attraction.”

The Square Enix Head producer, Ryutaro Ichimura said,  “The day has finally come for everyone to experience the world of Dragon Quest in real life. As a conclusion to the 30th Anniversary Project, we’re working as hard as we can with Universal Studios Japan to bring you an amazing experience, so you won’t be disappointed!”

minion park universal studios japan

Minion Park

The second major attraction, Minion Park opens  April 21st. Here, guests will be able to celebrate Illumination Entertainment’s loveable characters in the world’s biggest minion area, Minion Park.

This is inspired by the hit film franchise Despicable Me and its sequels. The highlight of the Minion Park area is a brand new ride, “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem.”

This Minion-themed ride attraction is set in the heart of supervillain Gru’s home/laboratory. Riders join Gru and his three daughters (and of course the Minions) on a “heartwarming and hilarious” 3D ride.

Riders on Despicable Me Minion Mayhem will get the opportunity to be recruited by Gru and to become an actual Minion. The ride vehicle goes through gru’s laboratory and flies through the air. This media-based attraction features a giant nano-seam dome screen with a diameter of over 20 meters. It also boasts a state-of-the-art high-definition laser-projection system. Guests will be fully engaged with “realistic sensations” together with a series of unexpected surprises.

The area will also feature a number of Minion-themed facilities. These include a toy store and a sweet factory.

Another new large-scaled attraction is also in the works for release during the summer.

In addition to the 2 major new attractions, guests will experience Universal Studios Japan’s existing and highly popular attractions. These include The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and The Flying Dinosaur. Another highlight is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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