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    Alterface is a global champion in interactive ride technology.

    Together with a worldwide network of partners, Alterface develops end-to-end interactive attractions for:

    These are customized to fit local cultures and traditions, offering high quality standards and an unrivalled support system.

    The company champions the market with advanced technologies including their patented interactive show control system Salto! and multi-user & device-free pointing solutions.

    Visitors can enjoy the thrilling rides in Phantasialand, Six Flags, Lego Discovery Centers, Cedar Fair, Carowinds, Ferrari World, IMG World of Adventure, Hub Zero, Lotte World, Yomiuriland and many more !

    Recent successful projects include Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, Resident Evil: Bio Terror, The Amazing Ride of Gumball.

    For more information visit www.alterface.comAlterface_Picto (2)

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