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    Amusement Express

    Amusement Express (游乐快报) is a mainstream media platform that focuses on the amusement industry.

    We utilise a mobile application (or APP) and have an extensive distribution channel that covers China’s network. In terms of readership and recommendation, Amusement Express is the leading provider in China’s amusement industry.

    The core business of Amusement Express is to provide the industry’s most valuable information and corporate image packaging business, as well as to enhance brand influence. We are also committed to the healthy development of the international amusement industry and bridging Chinese and international communications.

    Since our establishment, Amusement Express has been recognised by China’s National Standards Committee, the Russian Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (RAAPA), and a number of provincial and municipal tourism bureaus. We have become their official partners and are a trusted industry information service provider.

    Our Services

    As China continues to use and rely more on mobile applications, we have decided to focus our business on providing services that are relevant. Users of Amusement Express’ mobile application will be able to access daily industry news as well as updates and information about the various attractions sectors. They can also utilise the app’s database to contact industry professionals and search and apply for jobs.


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