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Elton Midway Limited

ELTON MIDWAY DERBY is one of the worlds highest earning redemption games for theme parks and FEC locations played by generations of family members.


Elton has manufactured over 450 of their world famous race games in over 60 Countries Worldwide. The Derby is the highest earning Midway game at the majority of these locations and provides typically over 20 years of opportunity for your entertainment resort to keep your customers happy year on year such is Elton’s quality of build and its timeless appeal for generations of visiting families.

The game is available from 4 to 18 players with the choice of any theme you require to match your parks specific needs.

A recent installation at Toverland Park in the Netherlands shows our unique ability to provide a game that exactly matches the demands of our discerning customers. Elton Manufactured, delivered and installed on time to all the specification required creating exactly what was demanded at the proposal stage.


In 2018 Elton Midway introduced Point Hunter to their range of family entertainment games for any entertainment facility.

World leaders in providing our clients with the games their visitors want to play adding secondary income for you and helping add valuable dwell time to your location.

The game encourages each individual to throw the ball through a series of holes that are covered adding to the difficulty and addictive nature of the game.

The timer counts down to zero with each hole scoring different points and the score display updates to let the player see how near he is to the magic winning number.

The game can be played individually by a single player or as group game so always available to create an income opportunity.

Winner receives a prize of your choice depending on the score they obtain.

This great new game of skill would be a fantastic addition to your establishment offering fantastic returns on investment and fun for the whole family whatever their age, gender or ability.

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