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FORREC is one of the world’s leading entertainment design companies, creating places of escape and destinations of distinction.

FORREC is an experience design company that has created some of the world’s most successful leisure and entertainment destinations.

We go above and beyond with inspiring creativity, ingenious know-how, and transformative guest experience. FORREC’s extensive experience in strategy, planning, and design, allows us to create compelling guest experiences rooted in imagination and immersive storytelling for location-based entertainment including theme parks, attractions, water parks, integrated resorts, mixed-used + entertainment and landscape architecture + urban design.

We’ve worked for six of the top 10 theme park developers in the world. Some of our most well-known clients include Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, Herschend Family Entertainment, Six Flags Entertainment, BBC Worldwide, Samsung Everland, Chimelong Group, Wanda Group, OCT Group, and so many more.

219 Dufferin St, Suite 100C, South Building, Toronto ON, M6K 3J1
+1 416 696 8686


  • Water Parks

    Water Parks

    Creating water parks that are exuberant, fun, and memorable takes more than clever engineering. We’ve found that the key to FORREC’s success is our ability to understand the many personalities of water and the ways people interact with it. We harmoniously combine landscape, architecture, and attraction design to deliver unforgettable guest experiences through creativity, innovative design, a diversity of programming, and thoughtful planning.  What separates FORREC from the pack is our innate ability to focus on the experience for the guest. This means our designed water parks are places guests will want to spend the entire day, with the right mix of exciting slides, relaxing water experiences like lazy rivers, and beautiful landscapes and amenities for out of water experiences. We create holistic environments that include play and relaxation whether outdoors or indoors, where our multidisciplinary approach offers a full vision of a water-based experience.
  • Attractions


    FORREC designs amazing attractions that create memorable and compelling moments that take guests out of their everyday lives and into something new and exciting. With decades of experience in the design of attractions, we’re creative and innovative but also rooted in design fundamentals that work in tandem with your business goals.   Our attractions take on many forms including destination attractions, museums, exhibition pop-ups, stand-alone attractions, cultural centers, attractions within a theme park, or an out of the box experience with a completely unexpected story you bring to us to transform. Grounded in the guest experience, FORREC creates a product that communicates your story and vision. Our attractions capture shared experiences through socializing and recreation, while being educational, interactive, and entertaining.
  • Resorts


    In today’s new world, recreational possibilities are endless and FORREC specializes in understanding who your guests are, what they want and need, and the type of experience they are after within your project’s environment. Through placemaking, creating unique destinations, thoughtful design, planning, and collaboration, we make sure those environments work, including highlighting guest comforts and engaging activities. In resort and hospitality design, interior spaces make just as much of an impact as the exteriors, and we see every detail, big and small, as an opportunity to exceed guest and client expectations. What brings the FORREC advantage is we have no fixed style that predetermines what your project looks like. We find what is unique to your project, and build on those characteristics, ensuring it’s the most memorable and talked about place it can be. As resorts combine a variety of experiences from relaxation to active play, to dining, shopping, adventure, education, culinary, and finally cultural experiences we can design a traditional looking project or a contemporary one as we are known for creating diversified environments that can meet a variety of needs.
  • Mixed-Use + Entertainment

    Mixed-Use + Entertainment

    What sets FORREC apart from our competitors is the ability to design the right mix of living, working, retail, and entertainment to create compelling and memorable experiences worth coming back for. We are guided by the fundamental principle that the quality of our built environment has a direct influence on the quality of our lives, our work and our leisure time. We are an expert in the art of placemaking; we create spaces that foster community, sustainability, economic growth, and inclusion. Our designs always reflect an artful combination of dynamic public space, exciting architecture and just the right mix of retail, food, and entertainment.  FORREC pays careful attention to distinguishing factors, such as site character, location, and program. By balancing these elements, mixing retail and non-retail in just the right proportions and adding in the active, changing dynamics of the customer experience, we can open up and offer exciting new possibilities. By putting people first, we create unforgettable experiences that stir people’s emotions, while promoting business vitality.




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219 Dufferin St #100c Toronto, ON M6K 3J1

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