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Riggs Ward

Experiential exhibit design, interactive media, innovative graphic design, and strategic master plans.

Riggs Ward inspires visitor engagement in museums and cultural centres through experiential exhibit design, interactive media, innovative graphic design, and strategic master plans.

Created over 23 years ago and with 50 years of combined experience, Riggs Ward works with some of the most respected and revered organizations in the world.

Our team of graphic designers, historians, planners, multimedia developers, architects, and artists have become the industry benchmark for innovation and creativity. We always look for balance in our projects, such as using both technology and traditional display techniques.

We work with some of the largest public and private organisations in America, but we are also driven to revitalise emerging organisations within the cultural landscape.

Riggs Ward is an interdisciplinary studio. We’ve studied art and technology, science and architecture, museology and urban planning, and we’ve explored history. History through art and artefacts. History through design and landscape and language. History through the stories of the people that have passed through the places and spaces we build and inhabit.

We provide a unique range of services and a dedicated and well-respected team. This ensures that we can give our clients one single source for all of their design needs.


There is no one way to approach design. At Riggs Ward, we look at each institution’s content, mission and strategic goals and design active places and spaces accordingly. Our comprehensive exhibit experience includes graphic design, lighting, sustainable materials, interior architecture, fabrication, security, and interactive and participatory exhibits.


The Riggs Ward visionary team concepts and plans projects with an emphasis on mission-based development, educational standards, operational support, and proven best practices. Our staff consults on collections management policies. creates effective fundraising materials, develops master plans, strategizes innovative methods for visitor engagement, and evaluates visitor response.


Our team of dedicated professionals researches and develops content for exhibits, curatorial initiatives, and community outreach programs. We also specialize in image licensing, copyrights, and reproductions.


At Riggs Ward, we believe that graphic design is visual storytelling. Our illustrators and designers work as an integral part of the exhibition design team to ensure materials, branding, type, colours, and graphic look and feel are expertly established.

A/V Media

Riggs Ward’s innovative interactive developers are always one step ahead in a world where technology is rapidly changing. We specialize in user-friendly mobile app development, touchscreen and motion-controlled interactives, and modern audio-visual media systems.

2315 W Main Street
Richmond, VA 23220
T: 804.254.1740
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2315 W Main Street Richmond, VA 23220

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