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    Simtec Systems GmbH

    Entertainment Simulation fascinates people in parks and attractions all over the world. In Simtec Systems GmbH simulator rides visitors face the impossible, the unexpected, the ultimate experience.

    Stimulating human senses by sophisticated illusions is the basis of the unique success of our technology.

    We are a leading supplier of complete simulator attractions. We combine individual system design with modular realization adapted to customers’ specific requirements. Synergy of our activities in the aerospace, automotive and entertainment industry leads to innovative solutions for our customers.

    Some of our entertainment systems:

    HEXaFLITE® – The new dimension of Flying Theater

    Simtec’s HEXaFLITE®  Flying Theater Ride represents the new generation of flying theater indoor simulator attractions. With a breathtaking initial movement the visitors are tilted in front of the screen and experience a high dynamic fully immersive simulator ride. Learn more…

    FUNRIDE 96

    Our FUNRIDE simulator product line is in successful operation in serveral parks and attractions for the last 20 years. At the Wanda Wuhan Movie Park Simtec took the FUNRIDE 96 attraction called “Power of Nature” into operation. Learn more…

    Interactive Dark Ride

    This system is based on ten trains, each train containing three vehicles. Each vehicle is designed to seat four passengers, back to back. The passenger cabin is rotating 360° in both directions. The trains are able to vary in speed up to a max. of 2m/s. The Nanchang system is track guided. Simtec also provides trackless Dark Ride systems; optional motion movement of the cabins are available as well. Learn more…


    One of the most famous EXPO-Jet was designed for the EXPO in Shanghai. The Shanghai Pavilion was one of the special highlights. The motion platform with six-degrees-of-freedom is moved with a rail system through a dome theater during the show. Learn more…

    HEXaDRIVE® Hover

    With the HEXaDRIVE® Hover motion system Simtec presents a new and innovative advancement of its successful product family HEXaDRIVE®. Developing this product Simtec mainly stressed following criteria:

    • Installation into existing buildings without reduction of travel
    • Design and impression of the whole system
    • Limitation onto the essence

    Learn more…

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