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wiegand. waterrides GmbH

wiegand.waterrides is the only company worldwide to deliver attractions in FRP and stainless steel - for more flexibility and creativity in the waterpark industry. We develop customised solutions for in- and outdoor waterparks and cruise ships, focusing on innovative ideas and high-end engineering made in Germany.

wiegand.waterrides GmbH are leading waterslide and attraction providers based in Germany.

The team’s projects can be indoor, outdoor or for cruise ships and have installed their products all around the world.

The company’s latest product, the LOTUS, combines appealing, organic looks with an energetic swing motion.

A huge favourite remains the RACER in various options including features like real-time competition lighting or a cold-water bucket effect for the looser!

wiegand.waterrides’s stainless steel and fibre-reinforced plastic slides include:

As well as products, the company provides its services in planning, realising, maintenance.

Würmstrasse 4, D-82319 Starnberg, Germany
+49 (0) 8151 971 33 0


  • Urknalll - the Big Bang

    Urknalll - the Big Bang

    Gravity training for astronauts! This system makes use of the 4-person raft. The start is situated in a tube of 2.7 meters diameter. Once top speed is reached, there is the MegaJump followed by the main part of the attraction where you swing upwards. Once the apex is reached, the pendulum movement changes and you […]
  • Säntispark, St. Gallen, Switzerland

    Säntispark, St. Gallen, Switzerland

    Since 13.11.2016 thrill-seekers and families can live it up at Säntispark with 8 waterslides from wiegand.maelzer: Family Twister 175,0m, incl. acrylic sections . RR1400 Raftracer 123,0m RR900 Superloop 71,3 m incl. UDrop RR1200 Black Hole 128,4 m Boomerang 127,0 m with interactive light effects RR1400 incl. Uphill 155,40m RR1200 incl. Cone + Bowl 94,0 m […]
  • Virtual Reality Waterslide

    Virtual Reality Waterslide When you combine the magic of virtual reality with the thrill of waterslides, an entirely new dimension of fun is unlocked. Pairing incredible visual experiences with tactical, sensory elements is a cutting edge art that produces a truly memorable experience, which must be felt to be believed. We’ve partnered with aquatic virtual reality experts, […]
  • SlideWheel


    The new Slidewheel. – Unique icon ride for great marketing – Breathtaking Dynamics – Spectacular attraction for riders & observers – High capacity – Small footprint – Transport of sliding tubes by inflatable tube conveyor system – Automatic Start intervals into the tube by conveyor band at access – Landing pool with side Track function

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Würmstraße 4 d, 82319, Starnberg, Germany

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