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Barco holds immersive projection masterclass

Panel of experts explored how immersive projection mapping can transform the museum experience

Barco immersive projection masterclass

Barco, the technology company focusing on innovative visualization solutions, recently brought together a range of experts from across the EMEA region for a virtual masterclass in immersive projection mapping.

Immersive projection mapping can help museums to increase visitor numbers by creating engaging and experience-driven exhibitions. During this webinar, the panel explored a variety of topics, such as the importance of location, the type of content, and how this technology can contribute to ROI and help future-proof venues.

Transforming locations

The masterclass featured input from Pieter Doornaert, Business Development Director at Barco; Steve Critchley, Head of Audio Visual at Infinity des Lumières; Arnaud Meulemeester, Business Developer at Dirty Monitor and Patrick Bellens, CEO at TCF.

Firstly, they discussed the importance of finding the perfect venue, highlighting the fact that finding and developing an iconic space is key. Considerations include; what are the technical capabilities of the building; what can we do with technology and how can we bring content alive?

The scale of the building is also important, with operators needing to consider whether to adapt content to the space or the space to the content. For example, if you have to hide 130 projectors that project on walls and floors, it is important that the walls are high enough. Dark environments, open spaces and high ceilings can add to the immersiveness.

This kind of project can help transform well-known places into something new, allowing audiences to see the building as never before.

Content is key

Secondly, the panel talked about content and storytelling. When creating a show like the immersive Van Gogh exhibition, taking the time beforehand to explore the life and the art of the artists helps the process of creating engaging content that allows both fans and newcomers to enjoy the show.

At this stage, the soundtrack also needs to be considered, as well as what will be better received in different countries.

Immersive Technology

Finally, Barco’s virtual masterclass also looked at technology, and how this must be a key consideration from the very start of a project. Technology helps to create the canvas for the digital artist and amplify what they are trying to communicate through 360° immersion. It is important that the projection technology is not intrusive so that audiences see the magic, not how it is created.

Barco’s projection mapping solutions are able to reproduce the content as intended, with the right colour correctness. They are also reliable and easy to use, and operators benefit from both local support and remote serviceability.

With projection mapping, museums and galleries can change content regularly, in order to keep audiences coming back for more. These immersive shows connect with the audience on an emotional level and allow people to discover different details on each visit. With this technology, attractions can bring classic works of art to life, as well as offering a canvas for new digital art and local talent.

To find out more, you can watch the masterclass here.

Barco recently announced a continuation of its partnership with Culturespaces Digital by providing projection technology to its latest venture, Infinity des Lumières in The Dubai Mall.

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