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EDG launches new exhibit, Digital Me

EDG exhibits development group digital me

Exhibits Development Group, a global leader in travelling exhibitions, has announced its newest exhibition. Digital Me explores the digital world and its impact.

Exhibits Development Group is proud to unveil its latest innovative travelling exhibition, entitled Digital Me. The exhibit is an in-depth exploration of the digital world, and visitors will enjoy over a dozen fascinating exhibits in technology, art, play and media, discovering new points of view.

This looks at the modern digital world and its impact through a selection of larger-than-life exhibits. Visitors will learn about their role in technology, their digital footprints and how they are seen and stored by the online world. ‘Digital Me’ exhibition is suitable for young and old, with new technologies and surprising exhibits.

Exploring the digital world

Digital Me EDGIt’s difficult to imagine a world without Facebook, Google or Instagram, or to picture what we would do without fast internet and instant information. Yet, the same technology also tracks our every move and gains access to our personal data. The internet is able to adapt the content, services, and marketing that we see, based on what we look at online.

In Digital Me, visitors meet themselves in the digital world. Through this exhibit, they are able to witness the traces they leave behind when they use the internet, and will find out how their actions and even images are kept and stored. Visitors will see how they appear to others online and can learn about how information about them is collected, and how it can affect them

Highlights of the Digital Me exhibition include several oversize interactives, as well as a 16-foot long selfie and family portraits section. Visitors can also explore a digital labyrinth, track their online moves on giant screens and visit a city that has learnt about them through their browsing history.

Digital Me is 5,500 – 7,500 square feet (500 – 700 square metres), with a recommended ceiling height minimum of 10 feet (3 metres). It is optimal for 13 feet (4 metres) and is available for 12- 24 weeks, from Spring 2020 and beyond.

EDG recently showcased this new exhibition at Ecsite 2019 in Copenhagen, where the company also highlighted its new project, CultureNut Xchange.

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